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How to get Better at Rocket League?

How to Get Better at Rocket League? – Full 2020 Tutorial

Many video games in the market require some set of skills to learn/master their gaming mechanics. First of all, you have those RPGs (Role-Playing Games) that lead you to think a lot about different strategies to build and equip your characters. Secondly, you have those platformers that require some calculations to jump accordingly, avoid attacks, and move around the map without touching any death traps. Another example comes with those video games that require a lot of precision and hand-to-control coordination to press the right inputs and create amazing plays.

Without a doubt, the Rocket League gameplay mechanics take into consideration the last example. Indeed, with the right prompts, you have the potential to move your car accordingly and give the right direction to the ball. Above all, Rocket League tends to mix two themes into one. On the one hand, you have the traditional soccer/football rules that dictate what you’ll need to do with the ball to win the match. At the same time, you have the gameplay mechanics from a racing video game that lets you use a vehicle inside an arena.

But wait, there’s more! Since it also uses futuristic elements to enrich the overall atmosphere of the game, you have the potential to go even further. With the capability to “Rocket” your car and gain insane speed and momentum, you could change the result of a match in a matter of seconds. Above all, to “get better” in the game, you’ll need to practice many different mechanics (like the boost) that let you move your vehicle and do flips in the air.

When you play Rocket League, you’ll suddenly see the potential of the game as you find it entertaining to lead your team to victory. Moreover, if you’re a new player that requires some help or a guide to get better, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how to set everything up so you can start playing Rocket League right away. Furthermore, we’ll give you guidelines to improve your gameplay and take it to the big leagues.

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How to Play Rocket League right away?

One of the Rocket League’s biggest strengths is the current business model, which implies that you have the potential to play without spending a dime. Therefore, if you want to start your journey in this game, finding the virtual store’s game is the only complicated thing to do. Furthermore, depending on the speed of your Internet, you’ll have the potential to play the Rocket League in a matter of minutes/hours/days.

Remember that you need to check the current virtual store from your favorite gaming platform. First of all, if you want to play on PC, you can find Rocket League and play in the Epic Games store, similarly if you’re playing on PS4, Xbox, or even the Switch. Their main store is always available to you. Due to Free Play, you have the potential to queue as much as you’ll like without any repercussions. Still, though, remember that even though Free Play costs you nothing, you still need to acquire online services for the respective platform.

When everything is set and done, and the game is ready to run, you’ll need to have the “perfect” tools to maximize the experience you’ll need. Since Rocket League, you’ll need to play quickly and react accordingly. Some players find it easier when they use a controller. Since each of the consoles already comes with their perspective gamepad, the only thing left is the PC. This time around, you have the potential to use whichever gameplay you feel comfortable with. Obtaining the best controller is the first step to get better in the game.

Indeed, when it comes to the screen, it all depends on you. It doesn’t matter if you play in front of a monitor or a living room with a 4k television. The difference is minimal. Above all, some professionals try to get better with those screens that have a low response time. Therefore, there isn’t too much delay when they move their vehicle across the arena.

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Learning the Controls in the Game

Overall, Rocket League follows some of the basic control schemes available in those driving video games. First of all, you can accelerate and use the brakes with the “triggers” or the controller’s back buttons. Furthermore, you use the left stick to steer the car and the right stick to move the camera. Last but not least, you can use the handbrake with “Square” if you’re on PS4 or the “X” button if you’re over Xbox. If you already played another driving game, this won’t be an issue if you want to get better at the game.

Furthermore, Rocket League comes with its unique gameplay mechanics that you could use with the other buttons. For example, you have the potential to use the boost with “Circle” or “B” and jump with your car with “X” or “A.” If you already know these buttons’ positions in those controllers, you can easily follow the configuration with similar gamepads from other platforms.

Some players improve their play by giving Rocket League a lot of their free time. Hence, the movement and response from their vehicles become almost instinctive. In other words, they do not need to view the controller to know which button to press on certain occasions. Furthermore, an Rocket League best player creates custom layouts that lead to faster reactions and better control over their vehicle.

As you may already know or seen, the boost Rocket League comes with special characteristics. If done correctly, you’ll have the potential to use it on the right occasions and score many goals.

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Checking All the Available Game Modes

At the moment, there are 4 casual and 8 competitive playlists in Rocket League where you can play whichever you have the time to get better at the game.

Casual Playlist: In this part of the game, you can play between 1v1 to 4v4. In other words, you could easily clash against another play and depend only on your skills to become the winner of the match. Or lead a team of 2, 3, 4 players which you’ll need to cooperate with the other member to achieve victory. In either mode, you have the potential to leave and join freely. Hence, there are no meaningful repercussions if you leave the match entirely and try your luck elsewhere.

Competitive Playlists: This time around, you have the opportunity to clash in a 1v1 to 3v3 match where every win counts. Above all, even though you have access to these lists from the beginning, it is recommendable that you wait for a while. One of the Rocket League tips is to get better before joining the competitive ways of Rocket League. In this part of the game, you’ll need to participate in 10 games before receiving your rank. Since the result is important, games cannot be joined while in progress. Most noteworthy, the entire team must forfeit the game if you want to leave. If you disconnect by yourself, it will result in a temporary matchmaking ban.

Competitive Extra Modes: All of the rule-bending games include Snow Day, Hoops, Dropshot, and Rumble. Similarly to any Rank game in that playlist, you’ll need to participate in 10 games before receiving your rank in the ladder. Furthermore, you’ll receive the same punishment if you leave the match yourself.

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Trying the Types of Customization Items

One of Rocket League’s main gaming mechanics is the opportunity that the game gives you in customizing your vehicle. To improve your car looks, you need to visit the Rocket League Garage and try different elements available in your account. If you want to experience better results in this part of the Rocket League, you’ll need to unlock many different goods into your account. After a couple of minutes (or even hours), you’ll probably find the perfect combination for the ideal vehicle.

Some of the elements that you can change for your car in the Rocket League Garage are the following items:

  • Bodies: This pretty much represents the chassis of your vehicle. Between all the popular changes you could do in the Rocket League Garage, the gameplay changes for a bit. Depending on the selected Body, your car changes the hitbox, and it could make it easier/harder to handle.
  • Wheels: The four pairs of wheels tend to change at the same time when you select any customization item in the Rocket League Garage. In this group, you also have the potential to change the rim with additional animations and colors. Sometimes the type of wheel could bring everything together and make it look a lot more appealing.
  • Boosts: Whenever you activate this ability in any match, you’ll receive additional graphical features to increase the gaming mechanic’s appeal. Basically, it leaves a trail as you move your vehicle with incredible speed around the arena. Some tips for Rocket League come with the idea that you could easily spot the duration of a boost as you see the particle effects active.
  • Antennas: Give more attractive looks to another part of your vehicle with special items around the antenna.
  • Decals: Enhance the way your car looks by adding different styles through images or effects that change the overall chassis. Depending on the Decal, you could add an image to the car’s front or add impressive color alterations.
  • Toppers: Learn how to add more comical looks with different hats that give a particular look to your car. Some items in this part of the Rocket League Garage come from famous franchises. For example, you get the chance to add a “Mario” hat from Nintendo to your car if you play the Rocket League over the Switch.
  • Trails: Leave your mark across the map with all of the available trails that you can equip on your vehicle. Some players tend to gather the best looking goods to impress their enemies over the arena. At the same time, you can learn from professional players as they give you more hints about their movements as you follow their trail.
  • Goal Explosions: When the ball passes through the Goalposts, besides scoring, you also have the chance to increase the impact of your goals with some “explosions.” Depending on the item you equip from this menu, you could add awesome visual effects as the ball goes through. Remember to give some favorable messages in the chat to increase your achievements in the field.
  • Paints: Give the last touches to your car as you add more impact to the combination of items from all over your customizing preset. Get better at making your vehicle more appealing to the public with the available colors for the chassis. Remember that you have the potential to do two setups (one for each team) per car, which means that you could invest precious times searching for the best combinations.

It’s worth noting that Rocket League comes with a “rarity” system with the available customizing items for the Garage. First of all, you have the “common” goods that can be obtainable just by playing the game and complete the unlock requirements. Secondly, you’ll see that other groups of items (uncommon and rare, for example) may come as you level-up your account. Last but not least, you have the Exotics and Black Market great goods that take a long while to obtain, but they have better visualization/effects.

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Following the Path of a Casual Player

Now that you have a better idea about how the game works and already threw the ball towards the net, to get better, you can follow some players’ traits. First of all, we have the current Casual Players in the Rocket League, which usually tends to be the largest group. When you follow this type of “crew,” you probably have more important stuff to do besides playing video games. Therefore, you find it hard to take a couple of hours in a day to power up your gaming platform and load the Rocket League.

If you’re stuck in this situation, you probably find it a little hard to improve your overall gameplay. Since you have fewer gaming sessions for playing any game, the learning processes tend to be slow. Above all, you find it easier to find your friends between real-life activities than in a team in a 3v3 match. But when you have the opportunity to play for a while, you actually have fun with video games.

Most noteworthy, since playing Rocket League is a fun hobby, you find it almost worthless if you win or lose after the match is over. For you, “get better” is possible, but it is not a necessity. Furthermore, you find it tedious to queue for Ranking matches and find the rest of the community somewhat toxic. Last but not least, even though you have the means to get the rarest items to customize your vehicle, you find them worthless after a couple of weeks. Hence, you may buy something at first but ignore anything else new.

Overall, following the Path of a casual player tends to be less stressful, and you actually look to play the Rocket League for a while to have fun.

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Taking the Challenge in the Ranking Ladder

People that linger in this part of the community find it that Rocket League is a daily necessity. Therefore, they usually use their free time to load the game and play for a couple of hours. When you have consistency in a particular game, you tend to get better as you continue playing. Therefore, after you master the ways of the “casual playlist,” you probably want to improve your gameplay by playing with challenging players. To achieve this experience, people tend to move towards the Ranking queue and give it all to earn a victory.

Some of these players also tinker with the camera settings or any other in-game options to improve gameplay. Indeed, with some enhancements with stuff like the camera settings, they make the game more personalized and unique. As a result, they feel more comfortable and improve the overall experience. Due to their expertise, they tend to help their less experienced friends and advise them to improve their potential.

Players from this group learn from other people that have better results or appear over eSports tournaments. Therefore, they usually look for streams from all over the Internet and follow some professional players. They already know a trick or two about the car’s movement and how to hit the ball accordingly.

When it comes to the Rocket League Garage, they have a couple of good items in their accounts, but they want more. When a sale hits the shop, they’ll surely fight to take it and feel good about it afterward. They use different websites to learn the rarest items’ value and use the trading system to obtain goods.

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Making it Big at the Professional Scene

If you want to reach this part of the community, you’re probably are doing something equivalent to selling your soul to Psyonix. Players in this group need to improve and get better from almost all of the rest. As a result, they treat Rocket League as their current job. In other words, they usually play around eight or more hours per day and talk about the game even when their gaming platform is already off.

Players with this kind of expertise tend to have higher winning chances and reach the Ranking Ladder’s highest places. Additionally, they dominate their part of the region, and their nickname becomes known from time to time. Above all, they use this fame to start a streaming account or play local tournaments for some cash. Suddenly, they earn sponsorship deals and have a regular salary.

When they get the chance to improve, even more, they tend to win tournaments and travel across the world occasionally. They know the game like their own palms and test possible changes before the updates hit the main servers. Occasionally, they can give the developers feedback and let their voices be heard if something looks suspicious. Hence, they tend to improve the overall quality of the game to the entire community.

With the Rocket League Garage, they practically earn almost all of the items and have better chances to unlock more new content to their accounts.

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How to Get Better at Rocket League?

Besides investing a lot of time learning all the possible gameplay mechanics, you probably need to follow more steps to improve your masteries. Take a couple of hours to learn from players that have a better knowledge of the game. Therefore, you could look for tutorial videos all over Youtube or look for popular streams from Twitch.

Check posts or blogs (like this one) to give you some hints on getting better and taking notes for the important stuff. Learn about the physics in the game that affects your vehicle moves and how the ball behaves in the game. Take your time and learn a thing or two each day. Try to help your friends and give them some advice as well.

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Making “a Living” by Playing Rocket League Daily

At the moment, you have many possible ways that will help you earn some real cash as you continue the journey in Rocket League. First of all, you need to obtain some hardware that lets you “capture” your take gameplay sessions. Therefore, with some amazing videos, you could build an appealing video for Youtube or post an attractive play for a Reddit post.

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