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What is the Best Rocket League Car for New Players?

Ever wondered what is the best car in Rocket League? Well, wonder no more! Today we’re going to help you choose the coolest battle car available, by showing you all the pros and cons and sharing our personal opinion on the best RL vehicle. Now sit back and relax, because this is going to take a while. Choosing the perfect vehicle to showcase in the arena is no easy task.

In Rocket League Garage, players have access to two types of modifications that can be made to their car. First, there is the “regular” group, which allows them to go wild with their imagination. It gives players the opportunity to personalize their battle cars by equipping them with crazy goal explosions, buying cool boosts for them, and even putting funny hats on their roofs. There are virtually no limits in this section, which is what makes it so fun and why players use it most often. However, there is another submenu in the Garage that completely deviates from this “unlimited” approach.

The second part of the Garage, which is actually much more crucial, is choosing the actual body of your Rocket League vehicle. This can determine the fate of your game. But why? Let us explain.

There are 6 main car body types available in Rocket League. In general, each of them has the potential to improve the way you play. It’s just a matter of knowing how to properly utilize that. For example, sometimes it’s better to opt for bulkier models, such as the Merc, that can help with defense. Other times, one should go for leaner-looking vehicles, such as the Octane, which can positively affect the player’s speed and accuracy. However, putting it this way may be a bit of an oversimplification, as RL gameplay makes it difficult for players to stick to just one role all the time. If you are a beginner to Rocket League, you should focus on diversifying and trying out each position in the arena. Later, once you have mastered most of the skills, you can decide on your preferred type of gameplay.

Once you become a Rocket League pro and things like ball control, air dribbling, and all other skillful plays are a piece of cake for you, you will definitely notice the difference between different body types. For the time being, however, we’d like to share some of the most popular car options in the RL community to make your introduction to the game smooth and easy. These vehicles will make mastering all the key skills a breeze.

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Why Is Choosing the Right Rocket League Car Important?

One of the main elements of the game, besides the ball and the field, are Rocket League cars.Choosing the best vehicle body is the key to becoming the best RL player. But why?

Well… With the right car, you will be able to perform special and powerful tricks that can either make or break your game. Of course, in theory, anyone can do them, but some cars definitely make it a lot easier.

Take air dribbling, for example. The trick is to correctly calculate the ball’s position in the air and then jump as close to it as possible without hitting it too hard. As a result, your car and the ball will get really close to each other. Your task is to guide the ball over to the opponent’s net. I know, easier said than done. A trick like that requires a lot of air control on your end, so choosing the proper Rocket League battle car is key here. Without the necessary speed and a great vehicle, air dribbling is almost impossible to do.

And yes, the knowledge of mastering how your car moves and hits the ball will come to you, eventually. So it’s not like you have to hyper-focus on choosing the right car at the very beginning. Take your time, enjoy the game with your friends, and score whenever you get the chance. You may find, however, that Octane is a bit easier to position and spin than other cars (but that’s just our opinion).

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Does It Really Matter What Car You Use In the Game?

Now that we’ve established that picking the best car in Rocket League actually helps your overall performance, it’s worth asking yourself what to actually look for when making that choice. First of all, you need to evaluate the space it occupies on the battlefield. Luckily, all you need for that is your eyesight, which will help you judge if a car looks too bulky or too slim. It is the size and weight of the vehicle that will determine whether performing tricks comes easily or not, and whether defending your team’s goal will be an easy task for you or not.

Currently, there are 6 types of hitboxes in Rocket League, each distinguished by different features. These are:

  • Octane
  • Dominus
  • Breakout
  • Plank
  • Hybrid
  • Merc

And here’s a quick breakdown of all their measurements:

The most popular, of course, is Octane. It is also the one most professionals use. However, this does not mean that it is necessarily the best car for you. That depends entirely on your playing style and skill level. It is best to try them out for yourself and then decide which car best suits your skills.

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The 5 Best Rocket League Cars

Here is a list of the top 5 cars available in Rocket League. We have named them in no particular order, so don’t be misled by that. They are very different from each other, and all of them will give you some advantages. But remember it’s all up to you in the end. Go through our list, read all about the cars, and try them out for yourself to see which one suit your playing style best.

  1. Octane

This car, is the first choice of virtually every player in Rocket League. Legends circulate about it on Steam, and many of the biggest pros opt for it when choosing their vehicle. Since Octane’s hitbox is extremely slick and accurate, it has the potential to make hitting targets and firing the best shots in the match much easier. In addition, due to its high performance, Octane, it is often the only car that players use on their accounts. Besides, it’s worth mentioning that Octane looks incredible in the arena! And even if you ever get bored with it, there are a million different customization options that will make it your all-time beloved car.

  1. Dominus

This car ( as well as its variant, the Dominus GT) has managed to become one of the best cars for professional players in the Rocket League eSports community. In addition, belonging to the “exotic” category gives it some extra value in the eyes of many players. Those players who tend to accumulate a lot of items in their Garage adore the Dominus. Not only does it make a very nice “shelf” addition, but it also performs very well in the game. In fact, you can use it, both to score victories in casual matches and also to climb up the leaderboard in the Ranking System.

  1. Aftershock

Due to Aftershock’s unique design, some may feel that the front of its case is not very visible. In addition, it belongs to the same hitbox category as the Dominus, which makes distinguishing them from each other a bit tricky at first. It may take some time to fully master the capabilities of this car, but the end result is certainly worth the sacrifice. Aftershock is an ideal option for players who are either already bored with the Dominus or just want to try something new. This car body will give you the opportunity to prove yourself in the arena, while still offering you the same list of amenities as the fan-favorite, Dominus.

  1. Merc

Anyone who likes to play defense should take an interest in the Merc. Since this type of vehicle tends to take up a lot of space in the arena, it is ideal for anyone whose job is to fend off enemy attacks. The Merc has an extended hitbox, which makes it ideal for goalposting. However, it also makes it a poor choice for attacking or performing complex tricks in the air. It is simply too heavy for that. This car is the complete opposite of the Octane or Dominus. It was designed strictly for defending the net and limiting the offensive capabilities of opponents.

  1. Batmobile

Ok, all you Batman enthusiasts! We have something special for you. The Batmobile has the potential to not only improve your overall performance in Rocket League, but also make you look incredible in the arena. Some may say it’s too flashy and cheesy looking, but no one can deny that the Batmobile has the potential to improve the player’s mid-air control and scoring accuracy. It’s a great option for all fans of the DC-universe, but also anyone who just likes good hardware. If you don’t believe us, try it out for yourself!

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What’s the Best Car in Rocket League for Beginners?

As we mentioned, the two safest bets are usually the Octane and Dominus hitboxes. Both provide players with great opportunities and facilitate skill development. Fortunately, since most of the cars in Rocket League have them, this gives you the freedom to choose virtually any vehicle the Garage has to offer. Though try not to go crazy at first. When starting your Rocket League adventure, it’s best to stick to the visualizations. At least for the sake of accuracy. But if everything works as expected, then after some time you can go wild (or just stick to your first choice for good).

First of all, remember that you start with Octane when you download the game in the first place, and you can unlock Dominus later in the course of playing. Fortunately, you don’t have to do any trading or make any special effort to do so. Both of these cars are perfect for beginners, so getting them is fairly easy.


As you can see, Rocket League is full of different cars that can significantly improve your position in the rankings. Choosing the right vehicle is crucial for scoring goals, performing tricks and outplaying your opponents. If you’re not sure where to start, go ahead and read the article we’ve prepared for you. After that, head straight to RL. Exchange to grab all your beloved items.

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