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Is It Possible to Get a BMW in Rocket League?

There are certain brands of cars that people WANT in their lives. They are usually some kind of status symbol or just a really nice vehicle that you can flaunt around town whenever you want. Unfortunately, most of them are insanely expensive and it’s not easy to become an owner. But if that’s the case, you can always come to RL and buy yourself a nice little BMW.

Rocket League and Its History of Great Cars

Rocket League plays a huge role in the automotive community because it combines two things that people love – great vehicles and soccer. Its creators, Psyonix and then Epic Games, are well aware of its power, which is why over the years they have tried to expand its reach and cater to players as much as possible. They introduced countless patches and DLC add-ons to enhance the gaming experience. In addition, they launched many iconic car bodies so that users could show them off in arenas and at least get a feel for what it’s like to drive one of them. Fortunately, since the game is so significant, world-renowned brands are more than willing to partner with it. Thus, over the years Rocket League players have been able to add iconic cars to their garages, such as:

and many more.

The possibilities for players to get their dream vehicles are virtually endless. Especially after 2021, when the developers of the game decided to add one more iconic brand to their collection – BMW.

A little More About BMW

BMW aka Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is a German car manufacturer known to practically everyone. The company was founded more than 100 years ago in 1916 and was initially engaged in the construction of aircraft engines. It was only a few years later that it turned to the production of motorcycles and then automobiles. In the 1930s it specialized in the manufacturing of sports and luxury cars, for which it is now best known.

The company’s headquarters are in Bayern, Germany, where its largest factories are also located. As for the most popular models produced by BMW, these are:

  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 7 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • BMW X5
  • BMW X1
  • BMW X3

Also, it’s important to note that over the years BMW expanded its reach significantly, and the company acquired many popular brands. Today, for example, they own both the Mini and Rolls-Royce. This makes them one of the biggest automobile conglomerates in the world.

BMW in Rocket League

Since BMW is one of the biggest car brands in the world, and Rocket League is one of the biggest car games in the world, it was only fitting that they should join forces at some point. To be fair, gamers have been waiting for a partnership for years, especially after Epic Games partnered with other well-known automakers. Fortunately, the developer isn’t one to ignore the wishes of its users, and therefore announced a brand new DLC to come to the game in 2021, namely the BMW M240i Bundle.

Rocket League BMW Bundle

In November 2021, Epic Games declared that it was joining forces with BMW to provide players with a brand-new item bundle. What’s more, they also announced that the company would become the official title sponsor of the second regional tournament in the European circuit of RLCS, the BMW Rocket League Open, which was scheduled to take place from November 5 to 7.

Furthermore, the company was to organize an exclusive invitation-only event called the BMW Freestyle Tournament, with a prize pool of $25,000. The competition would include 16 of the world’s best freestylers and be broadcast live for all RL fans to watch as players battled for freestyle supremacy.

What was included in the Rocket League BMW bundle:

The BMW M240i bundle was scheduled to hit the item store on November 4, 2021, and remain there for an entire week for players to enjoy along with all the major events happening. The included Rocket League items were as follows:

  • BMW M240i Car Body
  • BMW M240i: Thundernight Metallic Decal
  • BMW M240i: United in Rivalry Animated Decal
  • BMW M240i Wheels
  • Bavarian Hat Topper
  • BMW Player Banner
  • BMW M240i Engine Audio

The entire set cost 1,100 RL credits, and interestingly, the BMW car body could be combined with other Rocket League items other than those included in the set. This is quite rare for exclusive DLC vehicles.

Is it still possible to buy a BMW M240i in Rocket League?

Despite the fact that all the special Rocket League eSports events have already passed, players are still wondering if it is possible to buy the BMW package. They just want to experience sheer driving pleasure and have the opportunity to show it off in the arena. Unfortunately, since the car body and all items related to it were part of a special DLC that was only available in the Item Shop for a limited time, it can’t be bought now. In addition, all items have a trade block because they were purchased from the RL store, which means they cannot be acquired from other players. However, we hope that one day Rocket League will collaborate with this iconic German manufacturer once again, and players will be able to lay their hands on the BMW.


As you can see, Epic Games has made numerous collaborations with many famous car brands over the years. BMW is just one of the many iconic vehicles that players have been able to get their hands on during their Rocket League adventure. If you’re curious to see what else the RL store has in store, take a look at RL.Exchange and stock up on all your dream items!

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