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Everything You Need To Know About RL Item Shop

Rocket League items come in many different shapes and forms, allowing players to modify virtually any aspect of their car. Players can choose from different wheels, toppers and even entire car bodies. With these customization options, you can build your vehicle and change practically every aspect of your battle car.

There are countless different in-game items available to the players, which can be obtained in different ways. Some of them can be unlocked by simply playing the game and leveling the battle pass, while others can be opened from drops. There is a much easier way to get Rocket League items, though. Here’s everything you need to know about the Rocket League item store.

What Is The Rocket League Item Shop?

The Rocket League item shop is an easy way for players to get any RL items they want, without having to get lucky with drops or farm levels in the battle pass. In the item shop, all you have to is just purchase the items you want with Rocket League credits. When you finalize your purchase, the item gets added to your garage and can be used immediately in the next match.

In order to purchase anything in the item shop, you first need to get your hands on Rocket League credits. They are the in-game value of Rocket League and can be used for trading or in-store purchases. Since they can be traded, you don’t have to buy them to get things from the in-game store, although this is generally the quickest way of getting them. Players can buy Rocket League credits for real money from the store, where you can get entire bundles of credits. Currently, players can buy 4 different credit bundles, with different prices depending on the size:

  • 500 credits – $4.99
  • 1100 credits – $9.99
  • 3000 credits – $24.99
  • 6500 credits – $49.99

Whn you finish buying Rocket League credits, they get immediately added to your account and can be used for purchases and trading.

How Does The Rocket League Item Shop Work?

The in-game item shop works in a very simple way, players can spend credits on new Rocket League items for their car, as well as cosmetic items for their account, such as avatar borders or player banners. All you have to do, is browse through some of the many items available in the shop, select the ones that you want and finalize your purchase to receive your items. The item store is simple in use and anyone who has credits can head over to the store to get some items for themselves.

There is no constant selection, but items instead rotate on a regular basis, with additional items added to the item shop depending on the in-game events happening. The car parts in the featured items section are available for 48 hours before they rotate, while the daily items are only available for 24 hours before their rotation. Once the items rotate out, they can no longer be obtained via the in-game store until they appear there again, so if you see an item you like it’s a good idea to snatch it quickly, before it becomes unavailable.

The items available in the item shop have fixed prices, depending on their rarity:

  • 50-100 credits for rare items
  • 100-200 credits for very rare items
  • 300-500 credits for import items
  • 700-800 creidts for exotic items

When you buy Rocket League items from the in-game store, they generally come with a fixed price. Most of the items are more expensive than completing them with Rocket League blueprints, but whenever you buy Rocket League items from the ship they immediately get added to your account, without having to wait. You can get any of the exotic wheels or black market decals, as well as many other extra Rocket League items for your inventory, without having to wait or get lucky. Simply get the credits you need and you can add the best Rocket League items to your garage, without having to wait.

In addition, players can also purchase item bundles, which often contain a different collection of promotional car bodies, wheels and decals. In many cases, these items are only available in bundles, and you can’t get your hands on them otherwise.

Can You Trade Rocket League Items From The Store?

If you’re planning to sell Rocket League items you got from the store we got some bad news, the items you get in the item shop cannot be used in Rocket League trading. Any of the Rocket League skins you purchased from the store can only be used by you. All of the item shop items in your Rocket League inventory will be marked as untradable, and you won’t be able to select them when trading with someone in your party.

This is done to prevent players from flooding the market with items from the store. This means that any of the items that you purchase, even if they might have a price in credits, will not be tradable, and you will be the only one able to use it.

To Sum Up

The Rocket League item shop is a great way to get any of the cosmetic items you might really want from your account. Of course farming free Rocket League items is very easy and can get you some nice looking wheels or car bodies, but if this sounds too tiring than the Rocket League item shop is for you.

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