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Blueprints Rocket League – 2020 Update

What are Blueprints in Rocket League and how do they work? Let’s review the biggest patch of the game from 2019!

Many multiplayer or live-service games have a lot of ways to gather support from their community and keep those servers alive. Taking this into consideration, you more than often have a virtual store that exchanges real money for in-game items. Depending on the game, you could gain some advantage by getting best stuff, or look good and unique by getting exotic cosmetic goods. The latter example sometimes gives you no gameplay advantage whenever you get items like that.

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Luckily in Rocket League, you have the potential to obtain different Vehicle Bodies or random items that improve the overall looks of your ideal car. Therefore, the more you play the game, the bigger your chance to increase your virtual inventory with new and shiny stuff.

Psyonix, the development team, gives you a lot more exciting ways to gather the best cosmetics in the game. Additionally, once you get an item, you have the potential to store it forever in your account or trade it with other players.

In this article, you’ll discover what item you could get when you share gaming sessions in Rocket League and give you some hints on what to do afterwards.

Rocket League Blueprints Patch

Once the v1.70 Update made its way to the Rocket League servers, the new economy system had a drastic effect on all available cosmetics in the game. Before this radical change, you had the usual Crates and Keys that players had to use to get items at random. You could obtain Crates through random drops after the end of a match, but you would never know what would be inside inside. Then you would have to get a Key and try your luck for a unique item in Rocket League.

Now, with the Blueprint update, everything took another direction. Players that had some Crates in their inventories had them turned into Unrevealed Blueprints. Unrevealed Blueprints could then be individually turned into revealed blueprints of random items, which then could be built into actual items in exchange for credits, or traded to another player.

In other words, each player has the freedom to obtain items using specific revealed Blueprints in exchange for Credits or to trade them. Each build of a Blueprint comes with a cost, which means that rarest items require more Credits to unlock. For example, some goods need 2,000 Credits (the equivalent of, $20) to build.

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Above all, when the new patch was available to all of the community, they all have the potential to acquire more Blueprints. This time around, you could get one after a random match ends.

Types of Blueprints in Rocket League

At the moment, you have the potential to acquire Blueprints such as:

  • Series: Accelerator, Elevation, Ferocity, Ignition, Impact, Momentum, Nitro, Overdrive, Player’s Choice, Revival, Triumph, Turbo, Velocity, Victory, Vindicator, and Zephyr.
  • Special Events: Haunted Hallows, Secret Santa, Spring Fever, Beach Blast, and Totally Awesome.
  • Champion: Champion 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Each of these items has the potential to get you different goods that can improve the way your car looks. For example, you could use some Credits to build some Wheels, Decals, Body, or even Paint Finish.

Trading Between Players

Once you got one random drop, there are lots of things to consider. First of all, with a Blueprint, you could check the contents and make a decision if the required Credits are worth the hassle. Otherwise, you could keep the Blueprint in the Rocket League inventory until you have the needed currency to acquire the items.

With this new system, you have the potential to trade with other players if you have something new that you don’t want. Still, though, you’ll need to study the trends, cost, and rarity of an item. If done correctly, you’ll have a chance to get rid of unwanted blueprints.

Blueprints versus Crates

Before the Update, there were many disputes in the Rocket League community about the new upcoming system. Once the revealed Update hit the servers, people were skeptical about the possible consequences in the economy. For example, some of the rarest items had the potential to lose value since you no longer require luck to obtain them.

The “surprise mechanic” wouldn’t be present anymore in the Rocket League, since all of the Blueprints show what you’ll get. As a result some content creators on sites like Youtube already had some second thoughts since they could lose income from popular “opening” type videos.

On the other hand, you got those members of the community that saw the change in the positive light. Since the “loot boxes” were now becoming troublesome for the developers due to law changes in different countries. As a result, Psyonix had to take measures before things got worse.

Credits versus Keys

There’s a similar vibe when it comes to comparing these two types of currencies from the Rocket League. Before the patch, you could spend less real money to unlock Crates and get their contents. As a result, some players had the potential to use their wallets on fewer occasions.

Now with Blueprints, you already knowi the value of an individual items, which sometimes it could get expensive. Therefore, you may leave it sitting in your inventory for a long while or do some trading.

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Both of these options were available to all of the players that had no intention of spending more money in the game. As you can already tell, the new mechanics require a lot of work to bring new items to your inventory.

Above all, you could review your Blueprints and trade those that look cheap or irrelevant. The freedom is always there for you.

For the Players

In Rocket League, the Garage and Trading “gameplay” mechanics have become one of the attractive ways to get you involved even more in the game. First of all, you have the customization part of the Rocket League, where you have the potential to change a lot of aspects of your car and make it your own. In this feature, you don’t have all the available options in the Garage from the start. Instead, you create a collection as you continue playing and leveling your account.

Secondly, you have all the possible Trading options in the game. This time around, you get the chance to talk with other players and make an exchange where both parties agree on what they’ll receive/loss. Due to rarity in-game, some items may become a lot worth in the Rocket League virtual market. As a result, you’ll need to give a lot of your collection for an Exotic or Black Market item.

In the middle of everything, you have(had) the loot boxes in Rocket League. While you kept playing random matches, you always had the chance to acquire some Crates in your account. This item had a possible drop from a list with higher chances for a “common” item and lower for the best stuff. Furthermore, you require a Key to open the Crates and get the contents within the item. Indeed, this scene where you have no clue what you could get may lead some players into a “gambling-like” behavior. Leaving a negative impact afterward, especially on kids.

Enter the Blueprint Update. This article will discuss the impact of this particular update and how it affected the community positively/negatively after the server changes.

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Rocket League Blueprints

On December 4, 2019, the Blueprints update hit the Rocket League servers. One month before the update, the developer team at Psyonix made many blog posts about the new changes. Between those words, they announced that Blueprints would take the role of the Crates, while the Credits will become the new type of currency. Furthermore, to those players that had a lot of Crates in their inventories, those items would convert into Unrevealed Blueprints.

These Unrevealed Blueprints were untradable, and only the player could see them in their accounts. Additionally, after the update, you could “click” on those Unrevealed Blueprints and change their state into Revealed Blueprints. Now, those Revealed Blueprints work as the regular Blueprints, where you see the contents of the items. At the same time, you had the potential to build the items inside the Blueprint in exchange for some Credits—the cost of the items depending on the rarity of the item. Hence, if you had an Exotic or Black Market Blueprint, you need many Credits to uncover the item.

It may look like a meaningless exchange in trading the Crates/keys for Blueprint/Credits, but it actually makes a lot of difference for the players. This time around, when you get Rocket League Blueprints, you always know the contents and the cost to acquire the items. This new system made gambling a lot more tolerable, which means that you always know what you’ll get when you see a new Blueprint in your inventory. The next thing to do is to build the items in exchange for some Credits.

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Rocket League Credits

At the moment, you have the potential to acquire Credits in exchange for “real money” or between trades with other players. In the official Rocket League store, you have the potential to acquire 500 Credits for around $5. Furthermore, if you require a lot more to build your items, you could get the largest pack, which comes with 6500 and cost $50.

After you make the transaction, the Credits will appear in your inventory for you to use in different ways in the game:

  • Build Blueprints: Depending on the item inside the Blueprint, it may take between 50 Credits to more than 1000. If you really like the Blueprint item, you should accumulate the required Credits and go for it. Otherwise, you could trade the Blueprint to other players.
  • Acquire stuff from the Item Shop: The items’ price is practically the same if you want to build it from a Blueprint in your inventory. Therefore, if you want the Rocket League’s rarest goods, you’ll need a lot of Credits in exchange.
  • Trade with other players: Possibly the cheapest way to acquire the rarest items if you know a trick or two when you trade with the community. Remember that the price varies when a new update comes in the servers. Hence, always keep your information updated with different websites from the Internet. Furthermore, you could trade unwanted Blueprints for Credits and basically reduce the cost of the fancy items.

Impact Between Rocket League Trading

Once the Blueprints became a thing in the Rocket League servers, many people from the community became unhappy. Indeed, due to the lack of loot boxes, all of the market items became a lot cheaper. Therefore, the players that took a lot of invested time trading with other players were not that impressed. As a result, you had the potential to see complaints from different forums or Reddit posts from the Rocket League community.

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Still, since Blueprints came here to stay, they suddenly accepted the changes and kept on playing. At the end of the day, the love for the game kept them interested in more customizing items and new ways to trade in the community.

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