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Glorifier Rocket League – The Big Blueprint Surprise

Many players from around the globe have come up with fantastic ideas on how to mold the perfect car in the Rocket League Garage. People use different customization options that generate a lot of possible combinations in the game. With this in mind, you’ll need a lot of options yourself in your stash to try different items that could create a perfect combo. Sometimes it works like a charm; other times, it requires some experimenting.

Thankfully with the assistance of the developers at Psyonix, we have different types of items to modify. First of all, you have the Vehicle bodies that represent the chassis of the car. Furthermore, you have Wheels that cosmetically enhance your drifts and turns. And finally, some Decals give the final touches that take your car to another level.

You can have it all in your collection by experiencing a few gaming sessions in Rocket League. With a couple of matches a day, you’ll have the potential to earn a bunch of possible items that vary in rarity. You’ll need a some credits to pave your way to success. One of these items is the famous Black Market Glorified that is still available in the customization pool.

In this article, you’ll learn how to obtain a Decal such as the Black Market Glorified, the possible price, and check if it’s worth the hassle.

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Customizing Your Ride

At the moment, the only elements that you can change in the Garage are the following:

  • Body: The overall item that may change the way you play for a bit since it does modify the hitbox. So if you’re having trouble hitting the ball in the air, you could try other Vehicle Body and try again. With that many possibilities in the game, at least a couple of them will make things easier for you.
  • Decal: One of the items that can increase the overall look of your car. With this item equipped, you’ll have a great combination of paints and compelling images in the body. Last but not least, some Decals are animated, like the Rocket League Glorifier.
  • Paint Finish: Depending on your mood, you could find the best painting that can either be matte or shiny. You can choose between shades Red or Yellow if you want to continue with the action. In contrast, though, you could use shades of Blue or Brown if you represent the defense of your team for example.
  • Wheels: Roll in the arena with fantastic four new Wheels that can leave your opponents behind with your driving skills. This type of items will give you a different kind of feel if you know the difference between all the possible combinations in racing or muscle cars.
  • Rocket Boost: Boost yourself in style and show special effects as fly towards victory. With this type of item, you’ll have the opportunity to get the advantage and Rocket yourself towards the ball and score multiple times.
  • Topper: Show your support for famous memes as you choose the best hat for car. With these embroidered items, you’ll show the rest of the community how to win in style. Prices from the Toppers may vary depending on the demand and how popular is the item they want to represent. Above all, some elements on this set may come exclusively with consoles. For example, Xbox One has some goods related to Halo.
  • Antenna: Rocket League gives you more ways to customize your car with additional signs or flags that adorn the way antennas look on your vehicle. Similarly to the Toppers, you have the potential to equip items from different media and show your support.
  • Trail: Leave an astonishing mark behind as you activate the powerful Boost that can help you obtain speed or dash through the air. Many combinations will improve the way you move on the battlefield. Some of the possible effects are worth the price.
  • Goal Explosion: Leave your opponents envious (and hurt) as you score multiple goals with a little more flash. Some of these items show how creative the developers can be with fantastic art and powerful effects.
  • Engine Audio: Visuals aren’t everything in the way to build the top car in your Garage. With these final touches, the overall prices of the items may go a little higher. Everything is worth it if you want to become the best “good looking” player in the Rocket League.

Now that you know all the possible combinations that you can get inside the Garage in Rocket League, the only thing stopping you is your imagination. Prices may go up or down depending on the time of the year. Once you get the good stuff in your collection, you’re all set. Remember to try different combinations that may increase the Glorifier Rocket League looks and impact under your car.

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Vindicator Crate

This old Crate is now the pages of customization history of Rocket League, back in the day, this was the only option you had to obtain the Glorifier Rocket League. You had to try your luck for more than once until one of those Crates had the Rocket League Items that you wanted to collect. Recently after some patches, the Crate now comes in a different shape.

This time around, you have the option to obtain the Vindicator Blueprint randomly after a random match is over. Remember that you’ll need credits to build the item that the Blueprint shows, nothing else. Most noteworthy, some of the prices to convert the Rocket League Items vary depending on the rarity.

In the Vindicator Crate (or Vindicator Blueprint) you’re able to find Rocket League items such as:

  • 3 Rare Decals
  • 1 Rare Wheels
  • 1 Rare Player Banner
  • 2 Very Rare Wheels
  • 1 Very Rare Decal
  • 1 Import Wheels
  • 1 Import Body
  • 1 Import Rocket Boost
  • 2 Exotic Wheels
  • 2 Black Market Decals
  • 2 Black Market Goal Explosions

It may take a little more than a couple of Vindicator Blueprints to unlock everything from this set. Still, though, you can opt to use the Market and get the missing items from other players. Depending on the demand, you’ll see some prices going up and down in the graphs. Luckily, if you’re an Xbox One player, you may find them cheaper than the rest of the community. For example, the Glorifier Rocket League Item in some websites appears to be around “700 to 800” credits in Xbox One. In contrast to the other consoles, the price may go beyond 1k.

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Decals in Rocket League

This kind of customization option in the Rocket League Garage became highly prized by veteran players. When the Vindicator Crate came to the game, part of the community wanted the Glorifier Rocket League for themselves. Like any other set of items have a lot of different prices depending on their demand.

At first, since everyone is gathering the same stuff, the price may become lower for the rest of the players. Afterward, since it takes a lot more time (and luck) to obtain another Vindicator Crate, the price tends to go higher. In other words, for the new collectors, it may take a lot of credits to receive the old goods in your account.

Still, though, some decal like the Glorifier Rocket League can leave great impressions on your friends and opponents alike. Since it requires a lot of searching, you’ll make yourself one of the respected players in Rocket League.

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Rocket League Glorifier Black Market

Besides the original look that you can claim with the Glorifier Rocket League, the one thing standing out of this item is the animation. When you apply a Decal like the Rocket League Glorifier, you can see constant movement in the Vehicle’s Body. As a result, when the Vindicator Crate came in the Market, this was one of the best looking cosmetics in the set.

Luckily, even if you can’t see the Vindicator Crate in the drop pool, you still have a chance to acquire the Glorifier within the Market or through the Vindicator Blueprint.

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