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Rocket League Servers Down

Rocket League Servers Down Again? Check Current Status

As the release of new content increases, so do the reports and problems. Psyonix should have fixed and anticipated their server issues after comments on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, right? With every report comes additional problems already piled onto the current status. Thanks to the millions of players still playing the game after the free to play update, Rocket League has experienced its fair share of server issues and reports. We’ve provided and answered a couple of questions pertaining to Rocket League servers down below.

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Why can’t I log into Rocket League servers?

Connectivity Issues
Rocket League Connectivity Issues

If you can’t log into Rocket League servers, then most likely Rocket League servers are fried. These server downtimes can range from a couple of hours to as little as 10 minutes. Server connectivity issues are usually common after a large update or a massive influx of players and are to be reported specifically to Psyonix. The most commonly asked question, “Are Rocket League servers down”, can be self-evident if you follow the steps down below.

You may be able to answer this question yourself and get your Rocket League client back and working like normal. On Xbox, PS4, Switch,or PC, restart your computer and clear its use of cookies. At the same time but rare, if you have multiple tabs open using the internet, your Rocket League server status can go haywire. If this doesn’t work, power on and power off your router to check if it’s your Internet rather than a server outage.

If Rocket League connectivity issues persist, check Twitter to receive updates on a specific connectivity issue, a new problem, or what people have reported.

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Is Rocket League dying?

Player Count
Rocket Leauge Player Count

Even if Rocket League has been out since July of 2015, Rocket League is surprisingly not dying. Although there are sometimes back to back problems, the game and its servers are prospering more than ever before. This past week Rocket League has experienced twice as many players as usual with much more content on Youtube. In fact, today there are currently still 52,609 players currently online that are playing Rocket League. If you took every person that was online simultaneously in 2015, that’s twice as many people!

Click here to view Rocket League’s live player count:

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Is Rocket League Offline?

Rocket League goes offline from time to time and the amount of Rocket League comments pertaining to servers are countless. Social media becomes the primary source for reports and Rocket League comments on whether extra content leads to working servers, and it seems as if every gamer is still unaware of Rocket League’s current status.

The only way to be aware if Rocket League is offline is if you try to troubleshoot your report yourself. Hey, you never know if you manage to fix other people’s problems in the process.

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Is Rocket League the hardest game?

In the eyes of a PS4 gamer who has never touched or played a game of car ball soccer, the game may seem easy. However, once one jumps into a match lasting approximately 5 minutes, the countless hours you’ve spent on first person shooters and FIFA goes to waste. Ranked feels like a never ending loophole filled with diehard gamers who understand what they’re doing. At last, you can now play Rocket League at no cost thanks to the free to play updates. Give it a try, who knows if you’ll become a supersonic legend one day. For now, we’ll share with you a brief overview of Rocket League and how you’re expected to play the game.


Rotation is a term for switching your position and role on the field after you’ve contributed your part in a team-play. Simple rotation within Rocket League is knowing when to leave the offense/defense and also how and where to position yourself before, after, and within a play.


Ground dribbling is the act of balancing the ball on the roof of your car and carrying it at various distances. With this mechanic, you can perform musty flicks and occasional fakes while maintaining the ball above your car. This mechanic is useful in the one’s category of competitive play.

Air dribbling is the act of balancing the ball on the nose of your car while flying in the air. Often times, a player sets up this mechanic from the wall, but a more advanced way would be setting up a ground-to-air dribble. At times, it may seem like there’s no point in learning this mechanic, but in higher ranked lobbies it has proven to be extremely useful.


Defense is commonly seen in major video games, so you should be familiar with this one. If you are shadowing the ball, you are also shadowing the player and enhancing your feel for the game. This gives up ground as you essentially shadow them back towards your net. However, it allows you to more easily challenge a shot and make it more difficult in general for the opponent to shoot. You can also fake a challenge and begin shadow defense, which will oftentimes lead the opponent to shoot quickly or give up ball possession.


Boosting is represents the most core mechanic within Rocket League. With the new free to play update, not many know how to take this mechanic a step forward, which involves boost management. Boost management is the act of managing your boost in a match. In Rocket League, the maximum speed is Super-Sonic. You’ll know when you’re traveling at super-sonic speed when you see the wind particle effect on your screen. At a higher caliber of play, reaching max speed takes two weave dashes. The idea of boost management is to ensure you always have enough boost in your tank at all times.

Shooting Consistency

Powershots, otherwise known as mini-missiles, are extremely fast shots performed by players. They are useful when maintaining control on the field, gaining back lost goals, and clearing the ball with a powerful hit to seize it from going into your net. Shot accuracy plays a huge role in competitive Rocket League matches that involve all ranks. Instead of having to jump around or continuously take shots, focus on taking a good shot that will most likely result in a goal if placed correctly. Too commonly, players take accuracy for granted and disregard the fundamental concept of Rocket League: place the ball in the net.

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