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Rocket League BakkesMod: What You Need to Know

Many games on the market, such as Rocket League, have managed to create a significant community of players around them. Fans who are dedicated to the world of RL use their free time and talents to improve the overall gaming experience. They create custom content, such as special in-game items or mods, in order to make Rocket League even more popular and attractive. As a result, tools such as BakkesMod are created.

But before we delve into the intricacies of BakkesMod, let’s go over what game mods actually are.

What Are Game Mods?

The Rocket League community is huge. It includes casual players who open the app from time to time for pure enjoyment, it includes professionals who make money from participating in major competitions, and it also includes those in between, like YouTubers, who basically get the best of both worlds. However, there is another very important group of players in the community who put in a lot of work every day to improve the overall Rocket League experience. Namely, mod developers. These are the people who dig deep into the game files and are always looking for something interesting behind the data. Sometimes they can even find relevant information about possible upcoming updates or patches. But more importantly, they usually use their programming experience to gather information and make custom changes to the bits of data contained in the game’s code. Thus, a mod is created.

A game mod is “the alteration of the program code of a video game in order to make it operate in a manner different from its original version“. This basically means that it is a custom piece of code that was added to the game by someone other than the developers. But let’s discuss what exactly mods are in Rocket League and what possibilities they give players.

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Mods in Rocket League

As with any game on any platform, some modifications to key game files can result in interesting changes to the game itself. First of all, since Rocket League is a practical multiplayer game, there are ways to modify in-game content that are “legal.” It is important to remember, however, that it is still possible to go too far.

However, this does not mean that all sorts of “positive” mods cannot be found in Rocket League, for example:

  • Skin Alterations

If you have a lot of Photoshop or perhaps even paint training, it is possible for you to modify and even create your own in-game customization elements. This means that you can change the original skin of your beloved car’s body or add some special images and/or animations to it. Furthermore, you can add some personalized colors or other elements to your car to make it more unique. Let’s say you would like a code from “The Matrix” moving around your hitbox. Easy! Consider it done. In fact, it could be exactly like the PCs in the movie. However, you need to remember, that it’s still a client-side-only mod that changes the files on your own rig. In other words, you will be the only person who can see these modifications, but when playing online; all the rest of the players see is the regular basic skin.

  • Effects Alterations

In this case, you can use your free time to create custom animations and powerful effects that you can freely add to your game. It is even possible to put a golden Alpha Boost effect on your car without having the original item in your Garage. Sky’s the limit!

  • Player’s Banners

As in the last two examples, here too you have the opportunity to create your own image and add it to the game. Since it doesn’t take much learning to come up with such a small element as the player’s banner, almost everyone has the ability to create it. Just think about what would be the “perfect” image to represent your personality. Putting something like that in the game is a great way of showcasing your point of view to others.

  • Custom Car Bodies

With the basic knowledge of character modeling, it is even possible to add your beloved vehicle to the game. Yes, a “real life” car. All you need to do is to use a basic mod. As a result, you can add a beloved sports car or even a concept design from one of the most famous manufactures. Remember, however, that even if the car changes, its hitbox remains the same, which means that you have to look for a similar body type. If you do this correctly, you will have no problem calculating your hits and performing tricks.

Now, here are some other examples of adding various modifications to your game. However, these ones are pretty much a no-go in the Rocket League community:

  • Memory Mods

With the help of external software, you have the ability to change the outcome of a match by altering certain variables in the game. Despite the fact that almost all of the information requires server approval, people will always find a way to win in a “fraudulent” way. Due to the fact that this type of mod gives you an unauthorized advantage, their use may result in you being reported and your account soon banned.

  • Network Advantages

When using external software, it is possible to obtain important information about the server and players you are playing against in a random match. Therefore, some people use this knowledge to “attack” the opponent’s connection and reduce their match opportunities. In addition, you can disable the server or “deny” the connection to a specific player. However, in this case, too, people can report you and get you banned shortly thereafter.

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What is BakkesMod Rocket League?

Now that you know the basics of creating possible Rocket League game mods, we can tell you a lot more about a little tool called BakkesMod.

BakkesMod is a community-made tool that provides the player with access to additional in-game content such as training drills, and custom-made mods that will make your game more interesting. Using BakkesMod will help you both climb the Rocket League leaderboards and improve your in-game experience!

Can Anyone Use BakkesMod?

Yes! BakkesMod is available for anyone to download, provided they play Rocket League on a PC. Unfortunately, there is no way to install it on any other platform.

Other than that, however, downloading it is extremely easy and doesn’t require registering on any shady sites or paying. What’s more, this is one of the few times when game developers, in this case, Epic Games, have no problem with players using such tools. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, you will be the only person who is able to see your own modifications. This means that they will not affect the potential outcome of the match, and therefore there is no risk of receiving an in-game ban if you use BakkesMod.

How Does the BakkesMod Work?

Making use of BakkesMod is almost as trivial as downloading it. What you need to do is run the program in parallel with the game. Then just press F2 on your keyboard and BakkesMod will appear as an overlay.

You will be able to choose from the various features that the program offers, including making changes to your D-Pad, keyboard, or car! However, if you want to personalize the appearance of your vehicle, make sure to check the “Enable Item Modes” box. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do any modifications.

What Happened to the Alpha Console?

Some of you may remember a tool called Alpha Console, which was a very similar community-created software that allowed players to create their own in-game modes. It even provided a few more functionalities than the current BakkesMod. In 2020, however, the creators of Alpha Console issued a statement announcing that they intended to discontinue the software, due to the growing popularity of BakkesMod. However, they announced that they intend to reach out to the developers of BakkesMod to collaborate and improve their device. Since then, no one has heard anything from the Alpha Console team, but BakkesMod has certainly experienced a lot of improvements, so we hope that they have actually managed to work together on its development.

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The Patch that Broke Everything

The official reason for killing the Alpha Console project was the rise in the popularity of BakkesMod. However, it is hard to overlook the fact that in 2020, the developers of Rocket League introduced a patch (Direct X update) to the game, which made the community-made tool almost completely incompatible. Many players still believe that this is what ultimately led to the burnout of Alpha Console developers.

Unfortunately, this is a common behavior that affects virtually every game on the market. As developers suddenly update the game’s effects models, any project can be killed off by a potential update. Therefore, keeping mods alive and functioning requires constant changes and improvements. Within days, your custom-made skin may no longer “fit” your chosen hitbox, forcing you to start the project from scratch (again and again).

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Mods are a cool way for the player to interact with Rocket League and its developers. By creating them, members of the community become even more involved in the game and have the opportunity to add their own personalized content, which will make their gaming experience jump to a whole new level. Programs such as BakkesMod enable people who have never seen a piece of code to make such changes, making it possible for anyone at this point to fulfill their dreams of adding modifications to their beloved video game. So if you’ve ever wondered how you too can add little tweaks to your Rocket League matches, this tool is perfect for you.

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