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How To Refund Rocket League Credits

Like many other online games, Rocket League allows players to pay a certain amount of money to unlock cosmetic items, that let them change how they look. The game also features an extensive RL item shop, where players can spend real money on various visual upgrades.

However, like with any real money purchases, there are many reasons that could make any player doubt their purchase. Sometimes they might’ve had less money than they thought, maybe they have accidentally purchased the wrong credits pack, or used the wrong credit card. Whatever the reason, you might’ve thought at one point of refunding your purchases.

If that’s true, then this article is for you! Here’s a guide on how to refund Rocket League credits!

Are Rocket League Credits Refundable?

Let’s get one thing clear first: you can’t get credit refunds in the Epic Games store. This means that if you buy Rocket League credits or anything else from the in-game item shop, it is impossible to receive a full refund on your purchase. Epic Games refund policy states that once the credits arrive in your Rocket League credit balance or the items you purchased get added to your Rocket League account, you can no longer refund them in your store.

However, if any item you bought from the store appears in a cheaper version in the future, you will be rewarded the difference between the actual price and the one you purchased it for in the Rocket League currency, credits.

How Can I Refund My Rocket League Credits?

As you can see, getting a full refund in Rocket League is very difficult, even by trying to get help from the support. However, if you have somehow landed with an unwanted Rocket League purchase, don’t fret. There are some other ways, in which you can get back your money’s worth. Here are just some:

Sell Items At RLexchange

RLexchange allows you to sell Rocket League items, as well as credits, in order to receive an instant payout. You can choose to cash out your items in many different forms available. RLexchange is a great way to refund Rocket League credits or any other items that might be tied to your account. When selling Rocket League items at RLexchange, you don’t have to wait for a buyer to select your offer, you can simply sell the items instantly and get your cash back, as soon as possible.

Rocket League Trading

With smart investments, you can turn unwanted credits or items into real money. You can use the credits that you don’t need to purchase Rocket League items, which you can later sell with a profit. You can also simply trade away your item for credits, that you can either sell immediately, or invest in more items, which can later be sold for cash. Rocket League trading can require a lot of knowledge, especially if you want to make real money, so be sure to pay attention to the Rocket League items market and use the best Rocket League trading websites!

To Sum Up

Although it’s impossible to refund Rocket League credits in the store, you can still make back your money with Rocket League trading. If you want to sell Rocket league items or credits and make back the money you spent, be sure to visit RLexchange!

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