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Rocket League Knockout Guide

The default Rocket League game mode is centered around a standard football match with two sides trying to shoot the ball into the enemy field. Although the matches allow for the destruction of your opponent’s rocket cars, it’s not the main goal of the game. In fact, focusing too much on destroying the enemy team cars can be detrimental, as your team probably needs you on different positions.

Thankfully, for the fans of wrecking enemy cars there are other Rocket League modes that allow you to embrace your destructive side. Here’s everything you need to know about the knockout game mode!

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What Is Rocket League Knockout?

Rocket League knockout is an extra game mode, which was introduced during an in-game event called the Knockout Bash. During the event players could play knockout, the new limited-time mode that was focused on fighting enemy cars,. During the event players could earn golden gift baskets with soothing spring-themed rewards and enjoy the new map, knockout arena.

Knockout Bash was a short event, held from April 27 2012 to May 10 2012. Over the course of around two weeks gamers could knock opponents flying and out of the map and earn golden gift baskets for completing in-game challenges. Knockout introduced a free-for-all action that shook up the traditional arcade-style soccer gameplay of Rocket League, and was very well received by Rocket League players worldwide.

Rocket League Knockout Rules

Knockout introduced some changes to the standard game rules, team size, and how players controlled their cars. This was done in order to facilitate easier combat in matches. Some changes in the standard rules included:

  • No teams, just you and seven opposing players in an automotive free-for-all. The last player standing wins.
  • No unlimited respawns, players get 3 lives each.
  • The knockout mode Rocket League maps includes a shrinking translucent dome called the safezone. It encompasses the play area and getting pushed out of the safezone causes an instant ko if a player stays outside of its boundaries for more than 10 seconds.
  • Knockout arenas also contains several hazards including spikes, laser grid that lies across the map, and many more. Hitting any of the hazards can cause an instant KO.

Besides the different map features, knockout mode also includes many changes to how the players control their rocket cars:

  • Since there is no ball, players can lock on the enemy cars in order to knock them out.
  • Instead of dodging attacks, players can use the same move to knock out their enemies outside the arena. A well-placed attack can completely remove potential enemies from the game.
  • With increased dodging power, players can now dodge for up to four times in the air, no need to flip reset.
  • Triple jump instead of the standard Rocket League double jump.
  • Rocket boosts are more powerful, allowing you to gain even more speed than in regular Rocket League matches.
  • Players can block enemy attacks. A block requires proper timing, but if done correctly, it can completely turn around the situation and let you easily knock out your enemies.
  • Knockout bash features a new grab mechanic. When you press the grab button when next to the enemy, you can stun them and toss them away from the safezone.

As you can see, the knockout mode is completely different from the standard Rocket League experience, at least on paper. While in a normal match you should really focus on the ball instead of fighting the enemy team, knockout mode requires the players to get really physical and take out the enemy team. Because of this, the knockout mode can be a great way to practice attacks and maneuvering in Rocket League.

What Are The Knockout Bash Golden Gift Baskets?

For participating in the knockout bash event, players could earn golden gift baskets, which included special spring-themed cosmetics. While players could unlock an entire collection of spring-themed cosmetics for completing various challenges during the event, perhaps the most important addition in this update were the golden gift baskets.

Any player could obtain a golden gift basket for completing 20 online matches during the event. Other golden gift baskets could also be obtained for completing challenges and winning online matches. It’s difficult to tell what you could expect out of any golden gift basket, as they feature items from many different blueprint collections throughout the game’s existence. Still, golden gift baskets were a great way to obtain rare Rocket League items, without spending a single dime.

Will The Knockout Bash Ever Return?

Although we don’t know if this short-lived event will ever come back to the game, Knockout Bash was very well received by almost all Rocket League players. It’s clear that many gamers desire a more PVP-oriented mode in Rocket League, and the knockout bash event can be considered a major success for the game devs.

Although for now, we don’t have any information regarding the knockout bash returning to Rocket League, considering the overall success of this game mode, it’s safe to assume that we’ll see it return in the future. the new knockout game mode will most likely also include new gift baskets and new rewards for participating players, so make sure to keep a close tab on any Rocket League news.

In Conclusion

Rocket League knockout mode has been an awesome addition to the classic Rocket League gameplay, and many players can’t wait for it to return. If you’re one of them, make sure to follow our blog for more Rocket League news and events happening in the future!

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