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Top 8 Best Rocket Boosts In Rocket League

In Rocket League speed can play as much of an important role as a technique in a match. If you want to go fast, your battle car is equipped with a rocket boost, letting you pick up speed (and even fly!) when the game gets heated.

While rocket boosts are an important part of winning ranked matches in Rocket League, they also happen to be a cosmetic slot for your car. If you want to impress other players with your flashy cosmetics, you will need to get your hands on a cool-looking rocket boost. If this applies to you, here are the 8 best rocket boosts listed from the least cool to just the coolest.


Thie rocket boost is a number 1 choice for every hot and firey car design in Rocket League. If you want your car to have a flaming look, what better rocket boost choice there is, aside from fire literally flying out of your car? The Flamerate will let you do just that, sending sparks flying everywhere as you boost. Best part? This is one of the more common boosts on this list and PC players can get this rocket boost by trading for as cheap as 40 credits.

Dark Matter

This import rarity rocket boost is a great choice for the players that want to give their car a slightly darker, more edgy look. With additional pulsating sound effect and impressive visuals, the Dark Matter is one of the coolest rocket boosts you can get in the game. A car equipped with this rocket boost will spit out pieces of dark matter every time you boost. Also, this rocket boost looks great with all available paint jobs, so you can make the Dark Matter fit almost every car design you can imagine.


The Proton rocket boost not only looks great, but it also comes with a side bonus of unique sound effects. While this has split the Rocket League community (after all, the sounds can get a bit annoying after some time), a rocket boost that looks like individual cells of protons will definitely give your can an interesting look. The proton rocket boost is very bright, so combined with the sound effect you can be sure that no one in the match will miss what you’re doing.


Another space-themed rocket booost, the Startrack will have you car leaving a trail of stars in it’s wake. One of the more expensive rocket boosts on this list, the Startrack not only gives you an impressive visual effect when you rocket boost, but the sound is also one of player’s favorite. Although most players opt to use the original color, as it’s the most similar one toa ctuals tarts, a different paint job can give you an even better visual effect. With it’s smooth textures and flashy animated effect, the Startrack is one of the coolest rocket boosts available in Rocket League at the moment.


Another cheap rocket boost, the Lightning is a great choice for every player that wants to improve the looks of his car design without spending a ton of money. While it might look a bit simple, having your car leave a lightning trail with sparks flying out and roaring thunder will impress everyone. With bright light and awesome sound effects, the Lighning rocket boost will let your car stand out in every Rocket League match.

Sun Ray

Sun ray is an absolutely beautiful rocket boost that everyone who cares about the cool factor should get. Sun’s rays burn gives your battle car a shining, flaming effect that looks like sun rays beaming from the back of your vehicle. The animation on this rocket boost is also very fluid and looks amazing in all possible color versions. If you enjoy rocket boosts with flashy looks, you can’t really do better than the Sun Ray. Although many players in higher leagues avoid comsetics that can be distracting, other players like confusing their opponents (and sometimes themselves in the process). If you want a rocket boost that’s positively blinding, the Sun Ray is for you.


For fans of space and cosmic-themed car designs comes the Hypernova rocket boost. As the title suggests, this rocket boost comes with huge radiant power that shines as bright as a hypernova with it’s double trail of light. Although every paint job available looks good with this rocket boost, it goes best with bright designs. If you want everyone to see (and hear!) you boosting from the other end of the Rocket League battle arena, get your car equipped with the Hypernova rocker boost.

Gold Rush

One of the holy grails of boosts in Rocket League, besides looking great, the Gold Rush is also extremely rare and consequently, one of the most expensive items available in-game at the moment. The Gold Rush rocket boost was given out to all the players who participated in the alpha test of the game. Everyone else who wants to add this rocket boost to their collection s should get ready to spend around 1000000 credits, depending on the platform. Although you most likely won’t see Gold Rush very often in ranked matches due to it’s rarity, if you like showing off in the Rocket League battle arena, getting this rocket boost will definitely make you the centre of attention.

In Conclusion

Here are the best rocket boosts in Rocket League that will let you impress other players and show off your car design. If you want to buy any of the rocket boosts listed here for the best price available, head over to RLexchange. Our website has a great selection of different rocket boosts, as well as other items for Rocket League.

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