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Rocket League Cars List & Best Cars

Rocket League Cars List & Their Hitboxes

Everything You Need To Know About Rocket League Hitboxes

Selecting your car in Rocket League isn’t simply a cosmetic choice. Every car has a different hitbox. In Rocket League hitboxes are one of the most basic mechanics. Cars have different sizes and shapes, making each of them better for different play style.

Certain hitboxes might have more ball control, other hitboxes might be good for defending or air dribbling. Here you will learn everything that you have to know about Rocket League car hitboxes to improve your gameplay.

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What Are The Rocket League Car Hitboxes?

Every car in Rocket League has its own hitbox. To put it simply, hitboxes affect how cars interact with the ball, other cars, and every other possible entity in the game. The hitbox in Rocket League is the actual size of your car, it’s height, width, length, and angle. All of these metrics dictate important details about your car, what’s it’s turning radius, how well can it do side flips or how powerful shots you can take.

Different Rocket League cars have different hitboxes. Knowing your car’s hitbox in Rocket League is the key to playing your position well. Many cars in the game share a hitbox, as there is only a certain amount of body types in Rocket League. It’s important to use the best hitbox suited to your individual play style. The tiny difference in a hitbox can mean a lot in online matches. Here are all the different Rocket League hitboxes that you can select for your car in the game.

Octane Hitbox

Starting the list with one of the best hitboxes in Rocket League, Octane is perhaps the most common car in the game, but it’s also considered the best car by pros and newbies alike. The Octane hitbox is perhaps the most versatile in the entire game. Whether it’s defending or taking shots, the Octane body type is well suited to all the game mechanics. Being the shortest car in the game, but also one of the taller ones gives your car a significant edge in the game when it comes to turning, dribbling and receiving passes. The Octane hitbox can give you much better ball control than other hitboxes, making it one of the most popular cars in professional play. Both the Octane car and the popular Fennect use this body type, as well as many other cars in the game like the Vulcan, Dingo, or Bone Shaker. Octane is easily one of the most versatile body types, so consider it for your Car if you want to improve your gameplay.

Merc hitbox

The Merc hitbox is perhaps the least popular one in Rocket League. Often cited as the worst hitbox in Rocket League by many players, the Merc hitbox is one of the shortest car hitboxes in the game, while at the same time being the tallest hitbox possible. The main issue with the Merc hitbox is that while Octane is one of the best Rocket League cars due to its highly versatile hitbox, the Merc hitbox is quite the opposite. Its stats and size simply make it a bad car to play on any position in Rocket League. Thankfully, besides the Merc, only the Battle Bus uses this hitbox.

Dominus hitbox

The dominus hitbox is another popular choice, mainly due to the sheer number of different cars that use it. Dominus is considered by many to be one of the best Rocket League cars, together with the Octane. Average in all of its stats, the Dominus hitbox is another versatile choice for players who want a battle car that can cover different positions. Keeping your car low to the ground, the Dominus hitbox is almost square in its width and length, allowing for easy air dribbling and propelling the ball into the air.

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Hybrid hitbox

The Hybrid hitbox is painfully mediocre, which is why it’s not as popular as other hitboxes. The Octane hitbox can do pretty much everything the Hybrid hitbox can, just slightly better. Still, the Hybrid hitbox offers a balanced car that can be used to play on different positions. As a true hybrid, a hitbox of this type can be effectively used to take shots, dribble the ball or shoot it in the air. Besides the average stats, the Hybrid hitbox is also used in various fan favorite car designs such as Nissan skyline.

Breakout hitbox

Coming in with the second-longest hitbox in Rocket League, the Breakout hitbox is a perfect choice for players that enjoy air dribbling. The largest slope on the car’s front in the game with its -0.98 angle allows for easy dribbling and shooting the ball up in the air. Breakout can also be useful for taking long shoots, it’s therefore an alright car if you want to play on defense. Still, It’s not a very popular choice, as the Breakout hitbox is also one of the shorter and thinner ones in Rocket League, which causes the player to give up some ball control in favor of air dribbling.

Plank hitbox

As its name suggests, the Plank hitbox is shaped like its namesake. Long but thin, the Plank hitbox is the longest, but also the shortest one available in Rocket League. The ’16 Batmobile from the Dark Knight crossover promotion is probably the most popular car using the Plank hitbox. A more unique hitbox, the Plank works well when you want to play with air dribbling, but the low profile of the car also gives you more control over different ground plays and allows for easy flicking of the ball high in the air. Although it has great ball control, the Plank hitbox gives up some of its interception capabilities, since it’s too short to reliably receive passes.

In conclusion

A hitbox in Rocket League is perhaps the most important detail when selecting your car. Knowing what are the best hitboxes for your position and what to expect from the enemy cars can greatly improve your level of the game and let you dominate online matches. If you’re struggling, try switching to a different hitbox, maybe you just need something more aligned with your play style.

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