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Rocket League Fantasy - How to Draft the Best Team?

Rocket league fantasy

Become a Rocket League Manager

Many online video games today have extensive eSports features. Because of this, when the developers tend to aim for any eSports coverage in their games, player versus player mechanics are the key. Later on, the companies often increase the popularity of the tournaments by adding attractive rewards for the winners.

A game like Rocket League gives you a choice to play casually or go for the “big leagues” and fight to earn prizes in famous eSports events. Therefore, you have the potential to show the other members of the community how good you’ve become at the game. Due to this particular game’s success, numerous viewers spend their free time watching tournaments on various different streaming services. At the same time, they familiarize themselves with potential Rocket League professionals that know the game and create amazing plays as they continue their careers.

Taking this into consideration, there are ways to improve the excitement factor of all the events in a tournament and learn more about the eSport scene with Rocket League Fantasy RLCS. Indeed, with these gameplay mechanics, you have the potential to become a manager of your own team. With amazing interphase, you have the potential to “recruit” all the available professionals in a singular tournament and create your dream team.

Most noteworthy, when an eSports event starts (like the Rocket League Championship Series), you’ll see the performance of all the teams and particularly the players you’ve selected. If your fantasy players create amazing gameplay moments and earn many victories, your Rocket League Fantasy RLCS Team will accumulate a large number of points. Above all, when the eSports tournament ends, you’ll have the potential to earn rewards depending on the performance of your Rocket League Fantasy RLCS Team.

In this article, we’ll share the different steps to start your Rocket League Fantasy RLCS journey and general information about any possible rewards.

Setting up Your Account

When a famous eSports tournament comes, you’ll need to be prepared right away and act accordingly to begin your Rocket League Fantasy journey (before the fantasy RLCS starts). Therefore, you’ll need to follow these easy steps right away:

  • Create an account at “fantasy.rocket-league.”: First, you need an account on the official Psyonix Rocket League website. Have no worries though, all of the procedures take only a short while, which means you’ll be set in a couple of minutes. Remember that these official channels only work when the tournament is active.
  • Fill in the form on the official site: You’ll need to fill in basic information common to all of the new account procedures. Remember to use the “Playstation” option if you’re playing Rocket League on ps4. Similarly, pick Xbox if you belong to the Xbox One community.
  • Click Register Account at the End of the Survey: When you have all the information in place, the last thing you’ll need to do is complete it all with another click. Remember to fill in all the required information accordingly and tick the little box where you accept the privacy policy (if you have some time to burn, you could carefully review the privacy policy).
  • Wait for the automatic email from RLG and Click the Link in the email: Shortly after, you’ll receive one email from the Rocket League RLCS fantasy team’s official server. The Fantasy Rocket League is still on hiatus now, which means that you don’t have to worry if you miss anything in the process.
  • Log in!: If everything ran smoothly, you’d have no trouble checking your account on the official server. Since the Fantasy Rocket League website is on hold, you wouldn’t see further information about this feature. Still, though, you’ll have the potential to see additional information on the official site regarding the fantasy league.

Rocket League Championship Series

Due to the Covic19 pandemic, the Season 9 Championship was canceled by the officials. Because of this, we sadly missed all of the important action that always happens between matches in this amazing eSports tournament. Still, the team over Psyonix already has one strategy for the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series X.

Simultaneously, the Fantasy Rocket League could surface once again for the community and give us the option to create teams and leagues. Furthermore, they could use the regional tournaments to leave the fantasy RLCS focus until things change for the better. Above all, we’ll get the chance to create a different fantasy team according to the corresponding region. When everything becomes tolerable, we could see the accustomed fantasy Rocket League format all over again.

Picking the “Best” Players

Since we still do not have official statements about the next RLCS tournament, the actual famous players may not have the same performance when that event hits the Rocket League community. Still, though, the fantasy Rocket League format remains the same when you’re figuring out which players to pick for your team.

Before anything, check for the regional winners and those “undefeated” teams that outclass the rest. Remember to focus on a particular team, since a singular player in an average team probably won’t get too far. Furthermore, remember that you have a total value of $10k when building the perfect team. Hence, your options become limited in this game mode. Doing the math before picking players may help you a little bit and make this process a lot less tedious.

Obtaining Points for Your Fantasy Team

When RLCS becomes active, and everything runs like a charm, you’ll get the chance to play the Fantasy Rocket League feature as you please. Remember that it always takes into consideration the performance of the players individually. Therefore, if the team that the player belongs to wins, but he wasn’t playing well, you won’t get many points.

The equation that guides how the points transfer to your fantasy team is a little confusing sometimes. Basically, it considers the overall score, points, position-based contributions (goals, assists, and saves), shots, and shooting percentage. All of the players’ points affect your position in the overall leaderboard of the RLCS Fantasy game mode. Remember, though that if one of your players becomes eliminated from the tournament, you’ll receive fewer points.

Creating a Fantasy League

In this game mode, you have the potential to gather your friends in a massive group (Fantasy League) and check the performances of each player. To start this feature, you’ll need to create a fantasy league between the “My Leagues” tab. Furthermore, when you have that part set up, the next thing to do is invite your friends to that group. With this feature, you have the potential to check the points of all of the participants and brag if you’re in the lead.

Earning Rewards

If you play Fantasy Rocket League accordingly, you’ll have the potential to earn a lot of possible Credits for your account. Still, though, it is not easy to achieve the first three places in a Fantasy Rocket League run, but you won’t lose anything if you try for the victory. Indeed, with the potential Credits, you could expand the Rocket League Garage of your account with new items.

For example, if you reach the first place (9k Credits), you could use different Blueprints from the Rocket League Garage and build your perfect car afterward. Similarly, you could use these Credits in your Rocket League Garage to make more trades and plan for better items in the long run.

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