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Fennec Rocket League

Fennec Rocket League – The Car of Choice

Fennec Rocket League – One of the most popular cars in game! Read our review and opinion on this amazing cosmetic item!

One of the interesting parts of Rocket League is, without a doubt, the Garage and the multiple items that you can find in there. With the possibility to do countless combos of items, you have the potential to try everything and check what suits your best. Furthermore, since some goods have different rarity types, it becomes challenging to collect every item that Rocket League offers.

In this game, all cosmetic items relate to cars and different parts that can be removed/altered for interesting outcomes. Therefore, if you can acquire everything, you may take a long while to obtain the best combination of items that suits your style. From plain paint finishes to all-round animations in the chassis, your creative capabilities. Have the potential to take a toll for the better.

Finally, the only part of the Rocket League Garage that makes a difference (gameplay-wise) involves the different Vehicle’s bodies that you can equip. First of all, there are many designs in the Rocket League for every type of player. First of all, you have those community members that have a little crush with fast sports cars. On the other hand, you also have the potential to use “rally” vehicles or even famous franchises from movies or comics.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of choosing the right chassis item for your car, especially why the Rocket League Fennec is one of the best in the game. Furthermore, we’ll give you hints on how to obtain the Import Fennec and its variants.

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Rocket League Vehicle’s Bodies

Besides the aforementioned aesthetic that you get when you change for the item that looks astonishing for your tastes, there are other things to consider. First of all, you have the vehicle’s hitbox, representing the space that your car takes in the arena. Therefore, according to the hitbox, the ball, the field, or even other cars in a random match may respond accordingly collide with them. Depending on the chassis, you’ll find it easier/harder to calculate inside your head whether your play would be accurate or a possible mistake.

Some vehicles’ bodies in the game tend to share the same hitbox characteristics even though they may look different. For example, the Octane, a common chassis in Rocket League, has a somewhat standard set-up when the developers give the hitbox properties in other cars. For example, the Import Fennec hitbox, at first glance, looks a lot different than the Octane but comes with the same hitbox. As a result, if you began your journey with the Octane, changing to the Rocket League Fennec won’t give you any challenge whatsoever (gameplay-wise).

Additionally, depending on the type of car you’ll like, you may feel similar differences with the vehicle’s turning, handling, and acceleration. As a result, if the car’s chassis looks thick, you may feel like it takes a little more effort to move around the field and intercept your opponents/ball. Again, since the Octane/Fennec have the middle ground for stats, some players find it difficult to assimilate the new changes when they try another body for their vehicle. At the end of the day, you should try all the available options and stay with those items that make the game comfortable.

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How to get Fennec Rocket League?

In this part of the article, we’ll discuss the previous ways you had when searching for the Fennec. At the same time, we’ll give you other options that are currently available at the moment.

  • Totally Awesome Crate: As you may already know, the combination between keys and crate are a thing of the past in Rocket League. Previously, you had the potential to acquire a Totally Awesome Crate after the end of a match. To open the contents of the crate, you needed some keys in your account. Furthermore, the chances to get the Import Fennec weren’t that high to begin. Therefore, you never had to estimate how many keys/crate you had to use for the Import Fennec.
  • Fennec Blueprints: Similarly to the previous crates in the Rocket League dropping pool, you always have a chance to acquire random Blueprints as you continue your gaming sessions. Still, though, it may take a while to obtain the Import Fennec Blueprint in your inventory. Most noteworthy, you’ll need some Credits to build the Import Fennec with a blueprint. The required amount of Credits depend on the color of the Import Fennec. For example, the Titanium White increases the Credits for a couple of hundreds.
  • Trade with other players: The Import Fennec price tends to change a lot in different seasons. Hence, you could find it cheaper in the middle of the year, and expensive around Christmas. Furthermore, the price varies depending on the painted attributes. For example, the Import Fennec price tends to reach its peak with a Titanium White Fennec. Indeed, other colors like the Forest Green, Sky Blue, and Purple come in the middle. Lastly, the Burnt Sienna may be available for exchange with fewer Credits for the trade. Remember to keep an eye on websites that have a database for the current Credits price. If you’re careful enough, you’ll make the rightful trades with other players for your items.
  • Item Shop: Randomly, you may come across one Import Fennec in this part of the Rocket League’s main menu. Similarly to the Blueprints, you’ll need to have Credits in your account for the exchange. Remember that the color of the Fennec may reduce/increase the required Credits over the Item shop. Indeed, the Titanium White needs more Credits, but it may be worth it in the long run.

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Painted Variants

At the moment, you have the potential to find the Imported Fennec with these painted attributes:

  • Default Color
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Crimson
  • Orange
  • Forest Green
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Saffron
  • Purple
  • Sky Blue
  • Lime
  • Cobalt
  • Titanium White

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What is the Fennec worth in Rocket League?

Credits-wise, you could need around 900 to obtain the Import Fennec in the most basic colors. Still, though you want better “looking” results for the Import Fennec, you could obtain the Sky Blue, Forest Green, and Purple Colors. Last but not least, the Titanium White Import Fennec looks amazing but requires many Credits to build/trade. It all depends on your tastes, some players like Purple Fennec or Sky Blue Fennec more than the rest. The other factor to consider is how many Credits you would like to use for the best Fennec in your account.

Besides the number of Credits and the possible color, you should always consider the gameplay exchanges that you would get with the Fennec. In Rocket League, you’ll need to find the chassis that suit your needs and gives you better options to score goals. Indeed, the Fennec comes with the same attributes as the Octane. Hence, if you already own with the Octane, the Fennec may feel at home.

At the end of the day, if you want to use some Credits to buy the Fennec and have a similar experience as the Octane is up to you. Above all, you may like the Fennec’s design a lot more than the accustomed Octane, and you may find worth using the Credits for that item in your Garage.

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