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Ultimate Rocket League Trading Guide

Rocket League players have access to many different cosmetics, which they can use to customize almost every aspect of their car. Players can change wheels, decals, and even entire car bodies. Because there are so many items in Rocket League, trading is a serious part of the game. Many players have numerous items in their inventories, some worth some serious money.

If you’re sitting on an inventory full of different items, chances re that some of them are worth some real cash. To make some real money on your Rocket League items, you have to know how to trade to get the most out of your items. Here’s everything you need to know to start Rocket League trading.

What Is Rocket League Trading?

Rocket League players can trade items and credits from their garage with each other. Player-to-player trading is a simple process and allows anyone to quickly obtain the specific Rocket League item they want. Instead of waiting for the item to appear in the ingame item shop, Rocket Passes, or a drop, you can just get any of the items you want from the other players.

Rocket League trading is an extremely useful tool, and allows you to get any of the items you want for your RL inventory. All you have to do is find an offer or a trade partner willing to exchange items, and you can start adding new car visual items to your Rocket League account.

While trading is mostly done between you and your trade partner, there are many different trading platforms available nowadays, allowing you to easily and quickly exchange any of your items. Using websites such as RLexchange or RL garage app, you can browse active trade offers, participate in giveaways and even make money on your RL items.

How To Start Rocket League Trading

Rocket League trading is easy, and anyone who has an account can start trading the items that they have in their garage. Players can trade any of the items, including car bodies, black market decals, painted variants, and many, many more. However, you have to keep in mind that some items can’t be traded. This mostly includes event items or those purchased in a DLC bundle. These items are market red in your inventory as untradable.

When you want to initiate a trade, you first have to add the player t your party. You can’t trade Rocket League items during a match, so you have to go to your garage while the other player is in your party. You can then send the other player a trade invite and if they accept, the trade window will open and you can start trading items, blueprints and credits.

However, before you start trading in Rocket League, you have to finish a couple of steps as an extra verification for your account:

  1. Purchase at least 500 credits from the store
  2. Reach level 30
  3. Verify your Epic games account
  4. Enable 2-step-autentication
  5. Enable trading

If you’ve done all of these correctly, you should be able to send and receive trade offers from other players in your party.

How To Make The Most On Rocket League Trading?

Rocket League items can be worth quite a lot of money, and if your inventory has a lot of times, you might be sitting on a large amount of extra cash. If you want to make the most of your Rocket League items, you should keep in mind that there are some steps you should follow:

Always Check Item Details And Prices

Rocket League and Epic store don’t have a dedicated in-game marketplace, where players can post their trade offers and check prices on all the items that they’re selling. Because of this, when you trade Rocket League items, you have to always be mindful of prices on all the items in your Rocket League garage.

Prices can change very quickly in Rocket League, with patches, tournaments, and even Rocket League news affecting the price of every item possible. Items such as car designs, decals, or wheels can jump in price very quickly, so before you start trading always remember to check the actual price of the item you’re trying to trade away.

Use Rocket League Trade Pages And Platforms

Since there is no dedicated in-game marketplace in Rocket League, finding offers from buyers or trying to sell your own items can be a bit challenging. That’s why in order to facilitate trade in Rocket League many players use a third-party app or an online marketplace, such as RL Garage or RLexchange. When you choose the best platform, you can also get better deals on all your Rocket League items, as well as an instant payout.

RLexchange is the best website you can choose to trade Rocket League items. You can buy or sell some of the items from your inventory, with instant item delivery and a quick payout of funds in your selected method. You can pay or receive your money in crypto, PayPal funds or simply with a traditional bank transfer. RLexchange allows you to quickly buy any Rocket League items you want, without having to browse through many trade offers. At RLexchange you will always get the best deal on any item you can get.

In Conclusion

The game Rocket League has not gained all of its popularity without a good reason. Rocket League belongs to the genre of online games which allow players to compete quickly and easily, but also in style. If you have any Rocket League items that you want to trade or are looking to add something to your inventory, head over to RLexchange and find your new items today.

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