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RL Exchange is a registered business offering you to Buy Rocket League Items, Cars, Wheels, Black Market Decals, Exotic Wheels, Goal Explosions and Credits for the Best Prices Possible! Rocket League lets you personalize your battle car with thousands of awesome items. RL Exchange offers you to buy Rocket League Items and Credits at the lowest prices. RL Exchange store is secure, all items you purchase are legitimate, usable in game and delivered to you directly via trade. With the help the best payment providers, we accept hundreds of payment methods from all over the world, ensuring the best safety and satisfaction.

Trusted by over 200.000 happy customers, RL Exchange is the most successful place to securely buy Rocket League Items. Buy and sell Rocket League items starting from 1.29 USD, enjoy fast delivery and money back guarantee. Whether you are hunting rare Rocket League Wheels, exotic car body or simply credits and blueprints, we have it!

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Browse the wide selection of items available to buy on all platforms - PC (Epic Games, Steam), XBOX and PS4. Buy all RL items you want to decorate your car. Show off in new body, impress enemies with animated black market decal or make friends jealous of shiny new wheels. Buy Rocket League Black Market Decals, Rocket League Cars and Rocket League wheels quickly and safely!

We value transparency and always keep you informed about the order status when you buy Rocket League items from us. Check order page yourself, or wait for an e-mail informing you about any changes and the delivery. If something is not clear, you can always browse our Frequently Asked Questions or reach our to the support!

How to Buy Rocket League Items?

Buying Rocket League Items is very simple. Browse the catalogue on RL Exchange, select the items you want, enter the name of an account you want to receive items on and finally chose one of multiple secure payment methods. Purchased items will be delivered by our professional trade agents directly to your account via in-game trade.

RL Exchange is reputable Rocket League items seller with the best prices in the Internet. It is your place to buy cheap rocket league credits and items. Rocket League items are available for all major Rocket League platforms - XBOX One, PlayStation 4, Steam and Epic Games (PC).

Where to Buy Rocket League Items?

Rocket League items can be obtained from various marketplaces, via in-game trade and lastly from the in-game shop. Trade is very slow, but cheap way to buy Rocket League Items - it is the easiest to start trading with Rocket League credits purchased from a marketplace. Marketplaces, such as RL Exchange, are the most efficient way to buy items and credits. RL Exchange offers wide range of items at the best prices. In-game store is last and the most expensive methods of purchasing Rocket League Items, you pay a lot of premium and have only handful of items available in daily rotation, but the items are delivered instantly to your account.

Rocket League Items Cheaper than in Game

RL Exchange sells cheap Rocket League Items at better prices than you can get in game store. Credits, wheels, black market decals, rocket league blueprints, and other game items are delivered to you fast via Rocket League Trading. Our friendly agents will guide you through steps to buy Rocket League game items on Steam, Epic, PS4 and XBOX One.

Our professional agents keep stock of the most popular items, ensuring the quickest delivery when you buy Rocket League items on RL Exchange Market. We never ask you to wait in a queue pointlessly, if your items are not ready instantly, we'll notify you when action is required and deliver items right after you accept our invite.

Rocket League Items for Sale

RL Exchange offers thousands of items for sale in every category. Prices start from as little 1.29 USD for common items. Some of them are:

  • Battle Cars - such as Fennec, Octane and Jäger 619 RS;
  • Decals - Stipple Gait, 20xx, Mainframe and Interstellar;
  • Wheels - Zomba, Draco and Creeper;
  • Boosts - Sun Ray, painted Standard and Pixel Fire;
  • Toppers - Bunny Ears, Mr. Banana and exclusive Gold Cap;
  • Goal Explosions - Buffy Sugo, Shattered and Meteor Storm;
  • Trails - EQ, Laser Wave and Binary;
  • Avatar Borders - different paints of Crown

Browse RL Exchange offerings and buy Rocket League items now. Get a new shiny battle car with animated black market decal, impress friends with new hat, show off flashy goal explosion and flex with white zombas.

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RL Exchange is trusted by thousands of customers who come back to buy Rocket League items every week. Check out our genuine reviews on Trustpilot to see what people say. Our positive reviews are an effect of great help center, generous refund policy which guarantees you money back in case of any error, 24 7 online support allowing you to contact us at any time and fast delivery.

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