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Rocket League Ranks Complete Tutorial

Before you try any game mode in the Rocket League Ranks, take a  moment to learn a thing or two in this article. Sooner or later, every player decides to take their gameplay to another level and start trying harder.

Before you begin this new part of the journey, you’ll need to understand first how the ranking system works and how to take advantage of different tools over the Internet. You’ll need to know about your current position in the ladder and what skills you’ll need to increase your rank.

Furthermore, remember to have a lot of patience in this type of match. There will be games where you do well, but manage to lose nonetheless. And if you decide to play with random teammates, there is a chance they won’t be nicest either. So, it requires a lot of perseverance and will to continue in this endeavor.

As a result, prepare your engines, fuel those boosters, and aim for the best goals in any match that you participate in the Rocket League Ranks.

How to Play Competitive in Rocket League?

Unlike many of the multiplayer games in the current market of video games, in Rocket League, you have the opportunity to involve yourself in the ranking system right away. You are able to queue at any time if you feel like taking the challenge on another level. Although it seems favorable to have this kind of freedom from the start, you may want to consider hitting the Competitive menu after your first unranked matches.

First of all, you’ll need to understand how the game works. In other words, how to move around the map and handle the ball. Similarly, there are ways to improve teamwork between players, knowing when to attack or defend. You need to know the ways of handling the ball and the best way to score goals.

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If come unprepared, you’ll probably end up losing all of the ten games as you calibrate your Rocket League Rank. As a result, you’ll end up in the lowest tiers of the ranking system, between Bronze 1 or even 2. When a situation like these happens, you’ll find it extra challenging to increase your position in the ladder and obtain better rewards when the season ends.

Speaking of the calibration system, to acquire a position in any place of the Rocket League Ranks, you’ll need to participate in ten matches. Depending on your performance, you’ll receive a position in any tier group available in the game.

Rocket League Competitive Playlists

Besides the always available placement matches, in the Rocket League Ranks you also have the opportunity to play any of these subcategories:

  • Standard: This game mode is the most common ranked match that became famous in the Rocket League game. This time around, you play in a team of three players with the only aim to score more goals than your rivals. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to play “Solo Standard,” which means that you’ll have the chance to play with random players and hope for the best. At the same time, you can play the “regular” standard with the ability to play with two friends and play against another team.
  • Doubles: If you feel like six players in a map is too much chaos to handle, well, you could also opt for this type of ranked match. You’ll have another player that can assist you in getting more victories and help you climb the ladder.
  • Solo Duel: In this game mode you can’t rely on anyone but yourself to climb the Rocket League ranks. Ss the name implies, you’ll face another rival in a one versus one match. Depending on your skills, you’ll find it easier or more challenging to achieve a couple of victories until you find an opponent worthy of your skill.
  • Extra Modes: Last but not least, if you want something out of the ordinary, this option got you covered. This time around, different game modes contain a unique set of rules and required players to start the match. As a result, you can have fun experiencing creative ways of scoring points and achieve a couple of victories.

Remember that you’ll need to go through the ten placement matches in  each category to earn your ranking number and the corresponding tier.

Rocket League Ranks Tiers

Now that you made it through the process of getting your Rocket League Rank, depending on your ranking number, you’ll join a particular group. These groups are represented by different metals. Depending on your position, you’ll have the opportunity to find players of different skill levels. Those tiers are:

  • Unranked Player: Before and during your ten calibrating matches, you can find anyone from the Rocket League community. As a result, be prepared for anything that may come when the game starts. Take your time in this process and try to play calmly; remember that you can pause the process and continue at a later date.
  • Players from Bronze 1 through Bronze 3: It doesn’t matter if you belong in the Bronze 1 or 3, you’ll always find players that have little to none practice in the Rocket League environment. You’ll see players making extreme wide turns and have no idea about their power slide. You’ll encounter poor defending skills, which means that if you score too many goals against them, they’ll probably try to forfeit the match.
  • Players from Silver 1 through Silver 3: Players in this group have a little more time in the game, which means that they already know how to navigate on the map. Still, though, other skillsets require a lot of refining. For example, Silver 1 players then to miscalculate their aerials as they try to hit the ball. Also, it’s common to see accidental teammate bumps since they all follow the ball all the time without too much strategy.
  • Players from Gold 1 through Gold 3: From this point and forward, you’ll see players with their customized presets. For example, you’ll probably feel like some buttons have better placement in other parts of your controller. You’ll remove camera annoyances that can reduce your accuracy from your shots. Additionally, beyond Silver 3 or upwards, you’ll get to see more toxicity from different Gold players even if you play on a solo duel.
  • Players from Platinum 1 through Platinum 3: This is when the competition starts in ranks Rocket League. From “solo standard” to “snow day,” you’ll see opponents that come with amazing skills on their repertoire. Furthermore, people in this category already knows the basics, but they require a little more practice. As a result, when you leave Gold 1, you better be prepared for the upcoming challenges.
  • Players from Diamond 1 through Diamond 3: When you reach this rank, you’ll get to see opponents that play Rocket League consistently. They already have a couple of seasons of experience with lots of knowledge in some extra modes. They see anyone (besides Champion rank) as “novice,” even the rival with the same category as them.
  • Players from Champion 1 through Champion 3: Every little mistake in Champion rank counts in this competitive play. When you miss a shot or take a wrong turn, you’ll lose the advantage and probably let your opponents to score a couple of times. There’s a lot of tension in these matches and require a lot of strategies to earn victories. In contrast  from any encounter between Silver 3 or even Gold 1.
  • Grand Champion: People in the Grand Champion Rank usually become professionals over the eSports scene. Additionally, they may have accounts from season 1 and have a lot of time in the competitive environment. They know all the hidden tricks and earn that champion title with their skill. If you reach this part of the ladder, you could easily play against prominent opponents in tournaments.

Rocket League Season Rewards

In periods known as seasons, members of the community have the opportunity to earn different rewards that correspond to their rank when the season ends. It doesn’t matter if you end up as Silver 1 or Grand Champion, you will still obtain something for your collection. If you manage to reach Grand Champion, you’ll get to see better rewards that will surely increase your status in the Rocket League.

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Each season comes with different rewards that change your Avatar and Banners. Therefore, you can already see if an opponent has a lot of history in the game. At the same time, you could intimidate someone else with the rewards collected in previous seasons. Competitive members of the community already know all the different items between seasons. For example, Grand Champion members already have a lot of history and already know which season added some things.

Last but not least, it doesn’t matter if you focus entirely on the competitive part of “Solo Duel” or “Solo Standard,” you’ll always get additional items when the season ends.

Improving your Gameplay

Multiple sites over the Internet can give you a lot of insight about your current position in your Solo Standard Rank or any other game mode in the Rocket League ladder. For example, you are able to see the average rank from all the communities from different seasons by looking at pasts graphs. As a result, you’ll see if belonging in the Silver or Gold Rank is commonplace for the casuals. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to check how many Champions were able to reach this milestone before you do.

Another popular tool from different members of the community is the Rocket League Tracker, which can show you the current rank number on your account. With this essential information from the RL tracker, you have a better understanding of your position among other Silver, Gold, or Champion opponents. You can make calculations and have a better idea of how many matches you’ll need to win and reach the Champion rank.

In Conclusion

Each member of the Rocket League community has the potential to overcome the Silver and Gold Rank and become a Champion. When you start a season, you can focus on improving your skills and defeat as many opponents as possible.

Remember to use tools like tracker Rocket League to check your MMR and leave Silver or Gold ranks before the season ends.

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