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5 Ways to Improve Your Rocket League Rank

Rocket League is a highly competitive game, where the ranking system plays an important role. While you don’t have to play competitively to have fun, many players find the Rocket Legue rank system a great way to test their skills. Although your Rocket League rank doesn’t necessarily reflect your actual skills, you won’t make it to Grand Champion and beyond, if you play like a bronze or silver player.

While many players enjoy participating in the competitive Rocket League matches, for some trying to improve their matchmaking rank can be a long and tedious road through hell. Thankfully, there are some easy methods that you can use, to make that process easier. Here are 5 methods to improve your placement in the Rocket League ranking system.

  1. Practice Advanced Movement Techniques

One of the things that Rocket League is famous for in the gaming community is all the different movement techniques that the physics engine allows players to pull off. While they aren’t generally covered by the game tutorial, the higher you go in ranking game modes, the more important they become. Wave dashing, air roll, flip canceling and nose spinning are just a couple of skills that you’ll need to master if you want to have any chance against other players in competitive game modes. If you don’t know how these movement techniques work, chances are the other players will simply be running circles around you with the ball and you’ll only drag your team down. If you want to make it in the higher Rocket League ranks, try practicing how to move like pro players do in a training lobby or casual matches.

  1. Change Your Car

Although this might seem like very basic and obvious advice, most of the player base actually prefers to stick to their favorite car, without considering changing it. The fact is that not all cars fare as well in competitive play. Some hitboxes are better, and Octance will generally be more useful in ranked play than Merc. While this doesn’t mean that you have no chance to make it to Supersonic Legend with your favorite car, there is a reason that most players in higher ranks use the same cars. If you want to improve your Rocket League rank, check out the current metagame and see what the pro players are using in their matches.

  1. Tweak Your Settings

Although there is technically nothing wrong with the default settings in Rocket League, changing your settings a bit can actually help you win matches. If you watch a stream of any pro player in a ranked mode match you’ll see that their game probably behaves a little bit differently than yours. That is mostly because the pros most often opt for graphic settings, which disable some of the most distracting elements, while at the same time providing them with the maximum FoV available. In higher ranks you need any edge you can get in competitive matches, and even something small like disabling camera shake can really help you focus on the game.

  1. Learn Positioning And How To Rotate

Positioning is one of the most crucial skills in the game, and while it’s not that important for solo play in lower ranks, the higher you climb in the Rocket League rank system, the more you will need to pay attention to your positioning. If you don’t know how to position yourself properly or how to rotate with your teammates, you can be sure your opponents will capitalize on it and they will gladly keep your average rank low. Knowing how to rotate and position yourself in the match is one of the most important skills that you need to play as a team, and knowing all these things will actually let you cooperate smoothly with other players, without having to use the chat. When you and your teammates know proper positioning and when to rotate, your match will proceed quickly and smoothly, and you can be sure that your matchmaking rank will go up.

  1. Don’t Get Tilted

Anyone who played any online team game knows, that this is much easier said than done. The way Rocket League ranks work, if your teammates will struggle in the match it will collectively make it more difficult for you to keep up with the opposing team. Ranked modes can be very stressful, since your MMR is always on the line, and a succession of quick losses can easily undo hours of hard work of climbing, especially in higher ranks such as Grand Champion or Supersonic Legend. You probably also hear horror stories of players stuck permanently in lower ranks, unable to leave whether its due to their own lack of skill or issues with their teammates. Either way, it’s very easy to get tilted when you play online and considering how the ranking system works in the game, if you get too tilted then the worst case scenario will throw you back to your starting rank. That is why if you feel like you might be getting tilted, take a step back, take a deep breath and, perhaps most importantly, take a short break.

To Sum Up

Rocket League ranked matches can mean serious business to competitive players. That is why most players will do anything within their strength to climb the four divisions of their rank more effectively. If you feel like you’re personally struggling with the way ranking system works, try embracing the five methods listed here to improve your chances in the game.

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