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How to Half Flip in Rocket League?

Rocket League is technically an easy game to get a hang of. The basic rules are quite easy – you and your team have to shoot the ball toward the enemy side while protecting your own goal. In Rocket League it is mastering your car that’s actually the difficult part.

Besides basic mechanics like flips and rocket boosts there are many advanced movement techniques in Rocket League that you can use to get more control in a match. Mastering them is important, since losing control of your car in a match can let the enemy team quickly get an advantage.

One way to avoid this is to know how to half-flip in Rocket League. In this guide, you will learn what is the half flip and how you can perform it to give yourself an advantage in Rocket League.

What Is A Half Flip?

Half flip, also known as speed flip in Rocket League, is a method that you can use to quickly maneuver your car to the opposite direction, allowing you to turn around very quickly. Half flip and flip canceling are extremely useful techniques, as being able to turn around on the spot can be crucial in a match.

You most likely encountered a large number of situations like this yourself. Sometimes you try to rocket boost into the ball and overshoot the distance, landing on the other end of the map. Sometimes you try to jump into the ball as it’s getting kicked right from underneath your car’s nose. In each of these cases, a half flip can save the day.

Although this maneuver can be performed while using the keyboard and mouse, this guide is designated for controller players. Half flip in Rocket League requires a lot of different movements pulled off at the right moment which can be very difficult to do using the traditional keyboard and mouse combo. Although it’s mostly a matter of personal preference, we still suggest you use a controller for effective half-flips.

How To Half Flip?

A half flip is a simple maneuver, although it can be quite difficult to master. Before attempting a half flip, you should first try learning how to properly flip cancel. This can be done while your car is mid-flip, instead of a full flip it simply stops the animation half-way.

This is the key element of a half-flip, which you will use to quickly change direction mid-air. Try practicing it a couple of times, before you attempt the half-flip. Start going backward with your car and land a couple of successful backflips. After that, increase the difficulty and try to land the car on its back.

As you probably noticed, this maneuver leaves you on your back and quite useless to defend or attack the goal. However, when you land on your back, you can use the analog stick to perform an air roll while backflipping. When you do this, your car should stop the backflip halfway through, do a barrel roll and immediately land on its wheels, ready to go.

When you’ve mastered flip cancel when the car is flipped but just before it hits the ground, hold down the left analog stick and try to to the air roll. If you’ve landed all of the steps successfully, your car should be able to land successfully and continue going uninterrupted.

To Sum Up

That’s pretty much all you need to know about half flips. It’s important to learn all the advanced movement techniques if you want to improve your rank, as they all give you a significant advantage. If you want to learn more about Rocket League advanced techniques, head over to

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