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How To Get the Fennec In Rocket League

How to Get the Fennec in Rocket League 2023

Different vehicles are definitely the most important part of Rocket League. Players have a very wide selection of different cars that they can use for online matches, each with a different look and one of a couple of hitboxes available in Rocket League.

There are many cars that players can choose to play with, but not many of them are more popular than the iconic Fennec. Rocket League pros have loved Fennec for a long time now, and not without a good reason.

Here is everything you need to know about Fennec and how to unlock it for your Rocket League garage in 2023.

What Is The Fennec Rocket League Car?

The Fennec car is a vehicle that you can equip in your Rocket League garage which uses the Octane hitbox. The car itself was added to the game in July 2019 and has been an instant hit among players of all ranks. It has the same hitbox as Octance (which is widely regarded as the best car in the game), however, it comes with a vast visual improvement. Instead of looking like a buggy car, Fennec has a more traditional look, which makes it a great choice for players who enjoy the look of more traditional Rocket League cars, without sacrificing the benefits of the Octane hitbox.

If you play ranked matches on regular basis, you will most likely encounter Fennec very often. Although it’s just as good, Fennec is a rare car body, unlike the original Octane, which is unlocked by default for every player. While the Fennec body shares its hitbox with Octane, many Rocket League players report that it’s a bit more difficult to get a feel of the car’s hitbox with the Fennec, compared to the slightly taller Octane. The difference, however, is purely visual and every Fennec user will swear that their car handles just as well as Octane.

How To Unlock Fennec In Rocket League?

Although unlocking Fennec has been a bit easier in the past, players still have a number of different ways to unlock this rare car body in Rocket League. When the car itself was released, it was available as a crate drop. This means that every player who opened a crate got a chance to pull out the Fennec, if they were lucky enough.

Sadly, this method was very short-lived, as by December 2019 Psyonix has already removed the crate system, replacing it with blueprints. Although this change removed some of the RNG elements from unlocking items in Rocket League, unlocking Fennec will sadly now most likely cost you some extra credits.

Here is how to unlock Fennec in Rocket League in 2023:

  1. Rocket League Item Shop

Let’s get the easiest method out of the way first. If you don’t mind spending some money, you might be able to purchase Fennec for Rocket League credits from the in-game store. Although Fennec is not currently available in the store or any of the bundles, the item shop contains rotating items, meaning that if you check out the store regularly you might be able to simply purchase Fenenc one day.

  1. Fennec Blueprint

This is another method, which sadly involves spending real money, however, it’s still cheaper than making a purchase at the item shop. There are many ways to unlock blueprints in Rocket League, and if you have the Fennec blueprint in your Rocket League inventory, you can simply spend credits to craft the car immediately, for a lower price than in the in-game store.

  1. Trade-ins

Before you attempt this method, keep in mind that you have zero control over how trade-ins turn out, so you generally have no guarantee that you will be able to unlock Fennec this way. However, if you’re sitting on some items that you don’t need, you can try your luck and you just might unlock Fennec. Rocket League trade-ins allow you to exchange five core items for another item of upgraded quality. Of course, there is no way to know if the upgraded item will be the Fennec car, but it’s certainly worth a try if you have items to spare.

To Conclude

Sadly, if you’re looking to unlock the Fennec car in 2023, you’ll have a much harder time than if you attempted this in the past. Still, it’s worth trying to unlock Fennec, as it’s one of the most stylish cars in the game, which also has all the strengths of the popular Octane.

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