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Cool Rocket League Car Designs to Vamp up Your Garage

Rocket League is an amazing game, full of incredible modification options that allow players to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. However, there are times, especially if you’ve been playing the game for years, when you simply run out of ideas. You just don’t have a clue anymore as to what kind of new look could give your vehicle a fresh vibe. Moreover, it would still have to meet both your expectations and make everyone else in the arena’s jaws drop.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered, because today we’re coming to you with our best Rocket League car designs to freshen up your battle car.

Customization in Rocket League

Rocket League players can use hundreds of customization options to make their cars stand out during each match. This allows them to express their personalities and show off their level of creativity. After all, a battle car is basically a calling card in the world of RL, which gives other players an indication of who they are dealing with. Therefore, this topic should not be taken lightly. Besides, each of us wants to look good, right? Regardless of whether we are talking about the game world or reality.

Cosmetic skins in Rocket League are purchased through the Item Shop or independent sites such as RL.Exchange, where players can usually buy items at better prices. Here are the parts of your battle car that you can modify:

If any of the items on our list catch your eye then be sure to go to RL.Exchange and stock up your RL Garage at the best possible prices!

Top 8 Rocket League Designs for Your Battle Car

Here are our favorite design ideas that could give your Rocket League car a whole new look.

Fractal Dominus

  • Car Body: Dominus GT (Cobalt)
  • Wheels: Sunburst (Titanium White)
  • Rocket Boost: Fractal Fire
  • Decal: EQ-RL (Global)
  • Goal Explosion: Meta Blast
  • Primary Color: D6
  • Accent Color: A1

Pink Cyclone

  • Car Body: Cyclone (Purple)
  • Wheels: Chakram (Black)
  • Rocket Boost: Flamethrower Pink
  • Decal: Stripes (Cyclone)
  • Goal Explosion: Quasar III
  • 1st Paint Finish: Carbon Fiber
  • 2nd Paint Finish: Glossy
  • Primary Color: D10
  • Accent Color: G13

Red Hog

  • Car Body: Road Hog (Black)
  • Wheels: Rat Rod
  • Rocket Boost: ION Red
  • Decal: Wet Paint (Red)
  • Goal Explosion: Sphenergy
  • Primary Color: D8
  • Accent Color: G14

Camo Merc

  • Car Body: Merc (Forest Green)
  • Wheels: Invader (Titanium White)
  • Rocket Boost: Lightning Yellow
  • Decal: Liquid Camo (Global)
  • Goal Explosion: Light Show
  • Primary Color: D6
  • Accent Color: A1

Breakout Zero

  • Car Body: Breakout (Titanium White)
  • Wheels: Sunburst
  • Rocket Boost: Cryostream
  • Goal Explosion: Sub-Zero
  • 1st Paint Finish: Glossy
  • 2nd Paint Finish: Anodized
  • Primary Color: G6
  • Accent Color: F1

Endo Stream

  • Car Body: Endo (Titanium White)
  • Wheels: Looper
  • Rocket Boost: Datastream
  • Decal: Future Schock (Global)
  • Goal Explosion: Poly Pop
  • Primary Color: D6
  • Accent Color: A1

Green Aftershock

  • Car Body: Aftershock (Black)
  • Wheels: OEM
  • Rocket Boost: ION Green
  • Decal: Stipple Gait
  • Goal Explosion: Striker
  • Primary Color: D3
  • Accent Color: E1

Grey Maestro

  • Car Body: Maestro (Grey)
  • Wheels: Dieci (Sky Blue)
  • Rocket Boost: Flamethrower Blue
  • Decal: Mainframe
  • Goal Explosion: Electroshock
  • Primary Color: D5
  • Accent Color: E1


As you can see, in RL Garage there are basically no limits when it comes to the appearance of your own battle car. If you have any interesting ideas about how you could stand out in the arena, the Item Shop certainly has the answer. So be sure to browse through all the designs we have prepared for you, then stock up on your favorite items and get your new vehicle ready!

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