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Most Expensive Rocket League Decals

Besides the signature explosive gameplay, Rocket League also features a wide scale of customization options for players to choose from. The in-game store features a large selection of different items that players can buy to modify virtually any aspect of their look. Players can change any part of their car, including its entire body, but also individual details like wheels, toppers, or paints. Other parts of the surroundings, such as goal explosions or rocket boosts can be changed as well, allowing players to change their look to the tiniest detail.

Possibly the biggest category out of all Rocket League items is the decals. In Rocket League, decals are the most basic visual item, being essentially a sticker, which can be placed on the side or part of your car to add some extra character. Some of the rarest Rocket League decals are animated, allowing you to further modify your car.

Although most decals in Rocket League are obtainable in the in-game store or through drops, some decals in Rocket League are rarer than others. Here are the rarest Rocket League decals and how much they cost.

  1. Grey Mainframe

The Grey Mainframe decal is one of the discontinued items, which were added to the game and removed later, making it no longer obtainable through other means than trading. While this animated decal might lack some of the flashier parts of other black market decals in Rocket League, it still stands out as one of the rarest items you can currently obtain.

This animated decal gives off the same futuristic vibe as the unpainted version, with the grey mainframe bits moving across your car as you equip it. This Rocket League decal was actually removed for being too similar to its original, white version. In 2018 Grey Mainframe decal was removed from the game, and can no longer be obtained through drops or the in-game store. Because of this, if you want to add this black market decal to your Rocket League inventory, you will have to spend 50000 credits, which is roughly $225.

  1. Titanium White CRL Northern

The eSports decals in Rocket League have always been among some of the rarest items in the game, and players are constantly on the lookout for these rare items. eSports decals can’t be obtained through drops, crafting or in-game store. They can only drop randomly for the users watching a match live. Whenever something happens in a match, there’s a chance that an item like this will drop for one of the players.

The CRL Northern can no longer be obtained by watching the streams, so it has only become rarer over time. Most players are still looking for their copy, so those who want to part with their decal for some credits or money shouldn’t have problems finding a potential buyer. The Titanium White version is always most wanted since it has most of the details visible. You can get it for 16000 credits or $72.

  1. Unpainted Dissolver

The unpainted version of the Dissolver decal is the most expensive unpainted black market decal you can get, Dissolver is one of the most expensive Rocket League decals you can get, especially its painted variants. However, out of all the unpainted black market decals in Rocket League that you can get, Dissolver remains king.

While It’s not as impressive as other decals on this list, there’s a reason why the Dissolver is one of the most expensive decals in Rocket League. The popular black-market Dissolver decal gives your car a look as if it’s dissolving, with matter slowly running down its sides. If you want to purchase this item, it can sometimes appear in the in-game store, although it’s extremely rare. It can be purchased from other players for around 3000 credits, which is about $25.

  1. Titanium White Dune Racer

Much like the other eSports decal on this list, the Titanium White version of the Dune Racer decal was obtainable as a reward for spectating Rocket League matches live. Players who watched the stream had a low chance to get this all-white decal reward as a drop, or purchasing it using tournament credits.

Either way, Dune Racer is one of the cooler-looking decals in Rocket League, which explains its price. It looks great with all skins and items available, as the simplistic look feels like a throwback to old racing cars. As with other decals, the Titanium White version is the most expensive, since it looks the best with all other painted versions. It currently costs 8000 credits or $72.

  1. NRG eSports Legacy Decal

Closing off this list is another classic decal, obtainable as a reward for spectating or purchasable with tournament credits. This decal shows the logo of one of the more popular Rocket League pro teams, the NRG eSports.

The catch? Unlike other eSport decals, this one is completely removed from the store and no longer obtainable. This is because NRG eSports has since rebranded, and the team as such doesn’t really exist anymore. However, the decal wasn’t removed, and can no longer be obtained in the game, making it one of the rarest Rocket League decals.

To Sum Up

Here are all the rarest decals you can get for your car. Liked any items on this list? If you want to add it to your inventory, try RLexchange for all your Rocket League needs.

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