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Who Is Buffy Sugo?

Rocket League has been released quite a long time ago, and during this time there were many different updates to the game, introducing new items, maps, and many more. While most items are standalone and not really related to each other (aside from maybe being from the same collection) over the years players have noticed, that there is one character that appears in different places in Rocket League and tends to recur.

The white, bunny-like anime girl has been the subject of many discussions in the Rocket League community regarding her identity and what is she doing in the game. If you’re also trying to understand who this character is, this article is for you!

Who Is The Character Reappearing On Different Rocket League Items?

If you haven’t guessed yet, her name is Buffy Sugo. She is a fictional character in the Rocket League universe, who is a popular idol in the game world. Because of this, you can find her in many different places and on different items. Currently, Buffy Sugo can be spotted in the following places:

  • Buffy Sugo Goal Explosion
  • Buffy Sugo Decal
  • Corner of the Neo-Tokyo map (Buffy Sugo can be seen standing in a corner, holding a giant carrot on her shoulder)
  • Lepus decal

As you can see, Buffy Sugo appears in more than a single place, and Rocket League players can encounter this character from time to time while playing the game. Buffy Sugo has also played a role in the videos and ads for Rocket League season 2, where she appeared as a DJ promoting the update. Buffy Sugo a classic piece of the RL lore, and most players agree, that such tiny details can really make the game world feel much more alive.

How To Obtain The Buffy Sugo Items In Rocket League?

Currently, there are 3 different Buffy Sugo items available to players in the game. Sadly, if you want to get your hands on the Buffy Sugo items, you will have to rely on the item shop, instead of the player trades. Almost all of the items featuring this iconic character are Black Market rarities and untradeable. If you want to get the relevant items, you will need to visit the in-game store regularly and wait until they become available to be purchased again. The two items that you can get in the store, the buffy sugo goal explosion and decal are worth 2000 and 300 credits respectively. If you can afford the prices, it’s generally a good idea to try and get your hands on these items, since they become available really rarely and you never know when you might see them again.

You might have noticed that the Lepus decal wasn’t mentioned in the previous paragraph. That is because this decal is available instantly to any owner of the Grog car body. The car itself already comes with a Buffy Sugo decal for you to try out, which makes it the cheapest Buffy Sugo item in the game.

In Conclusion

Buffy Sugo items, although quite rare, are some of the community’s favorites. If you see them in the store, be sure to get them for your Rocket League garage. And if you’re looking for any more guides to Rocket League, be sure to check out the rest of our blog!

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