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How to Get Blueprints in Rocket League?

Since their introduction, Rocket League Blueprints have been among the hottest items in the entire game. They owe their popularity mainly to their versatility and the fact that they are tradable, which makes them especially valuable, particularly if someone likes to engage in player-to-player transactions. However, some community members are still confused by the Blueprint System, as they were used to crates. Not only do they not know how exactly these newer items work, but also how to get them. Today, we’ll explain everything you need to know about blueprints in Rocket Leagueand show you how you can actually add them to your inventory.

What Exactly Are Blueprints in Rocket League?

Rocket League Blueprints were first introduced in December 2019 in the so called “Blueprints update” and were meant to replace crates. Essentially, they are a sketched-out representation of what the player can build from them. Once added to your inventory, they can be used either immediately or after some time – it all depends on what the user wants. Of course, utilizing blueprints costs Rocket League Credits, and each of them indicates how many are needed to assemble the item featured. This makes credits a replacement for keys that were used to open crates in the previous system.

What Kind of Blueprints Are Available in Rocket League?

There are two types of blueprints in Rocket League. First, there are Revealed Blueptins and Unrevealed Blueprints.

  1. Revealed Blueprints

Revealed Blueptins are by far the most common ones in the game. They are tradable and can be acquired in online matches. A player who obtains such a diagram is able to immediately see exactly what item can be built based on it. This is mainly what distinguishes them from the other category.

  1. Unrevealed Blueprints

Unrevealed Blueprints were created solely to replace the crates that players already had in their inventory at the time of the change. Initially, they cover the specific item that can be created from them, but the reveal is actually free. Once done, players can choose whether to use the diagram right away or leave them in their inventory, just like with the revealed designs. However, in contrast to the previous category, unrevealed blueprints are not tradable.

What Are the Ways to Obtain Rocket League Blueprints?

Many people are confused by the Blueprint system and don’t know how to get these types of items. Fortunately, there are actually several ways to get Rocket League Blueprints and here we are going to break down all of them.

  1. Online Matches

The primary way of obtaining blueprints is to play in an online match. After each game, the player has a chance to get such a blueprint without spending any extra money. This means that users receive them in the form of a free drop, which doesn’t require spending credits. When that happens, such blueprints can be built right away or added to one’s inventory for later use, such as player-to-player trading. This is by far the most organic way to acquire blueprints, but keep in mind that free items obtained in the game are always random, and we would rather not count on a black market blueprint to be one of them.

  1. Online marketplaces

Of course, since revealed blueprints are among tradable Rocket League items, you can also get them by closing deals on various online marketplaces. Rocket League players are very eager to exchange, buy and sell items, so in most cases, you will be able to find a listing that interests you. Remember to always use only reliable sites that can give you a guarantee of safety. Looking for offers on reputable online forums is also a good idea, especially considering that Rocket League trading is not only a terrific way to get items, but also serves as a great method for making money on the side.

  1. Third-party sites

Reputable third-party sites such as RL.Exchange are a great way to obtain blueprints. The whole process is usually extremely simple and there is a wide range of offers to choose from. On top of that, our platform in particular will provide you with 24/7 customer support, so you’ll never feel abandoned with a problem. Shopping on RL.Exhange is a great way to add brand-new blueprints to your inventory at a very low cost. With us, even a black market rarity can be yours, and in contrast to the previous method, you don’t have to deal with any potential scammers.

How to Trade Rocket League Blueprints?

As already mentioned, revealed blueprints are tradable items, which contributes to their immense popularity in the game. Thanks to the fact that they can be obtained through post-game drops, it is quite easy to accumulate them in your inventory. Therefore, most players usually have a few spare copies that can be easily exchanged for other, more interesting items.

Trading blueprints in Rocket League work on the same principle as any other form of player-to-player transaction in the game. If you would like to learn about it in detail, read the step-by-step guide that will help you better grasp the subject.


Blueprints are great items to have in your Rocket League inventory. They are very versatile and can be easily obtained, which makes them useful not only for experienced players, but also for RL newbies. If you haven’t yet discovered the power of these in-game diagrams, be sure to read everything we’ve prepared for you, and then head straight toRL.Exchange to get all the Rocket League blueprints of your dreams.

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