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Best Grog Designs in Rocket League

Some people hate it, some love it, and some think it looks like a frog. But regardless of what you believe about the Grog, it is still one of the most popular cars in RL. That’s why today we’re going to present 8 of our favorite Rocket League Grog designs, to bring you some inspiration to revamp your favorite reptile-looking vehicle and make everyone’s jaws drop in the arena.

Grog – The Most Frog-Like Car in Rocket League

The Grog is one of the most OG vehicles in Rocket League, as it was added to the game in 2015 with the Chaos Run DLC pack, which was actually only the third major DLC introduced to RL. The pack also included the Ripper car body and was sold for $3.99.

Today, the Grog is one of the most popular and memable items in the gaming community. This is mainly due to the fact that if you look at it from the front, you quickly realize that it resembles a face, and then…. if you look at it a little longer, you’re likely to see a frog. However, despite its reptile-like appearance, this combat vehicle is still one of the most sought-after items in the game. To be fair, it does use the Octane hitbox, which makes it quite an effective battle car. Therefore, if you like these kinds of objects, you should definitely give the Grog a try.

Top 8 Grog Designs

And if you decide to try out the Grog, it’s best to dress it up properly. Admittedly, this car does carry a high risk of ridicule. Therefore, if you want to avoid being made fun of, we recommend using one of our designs. Remember that you can buy all items on RL.Exchange.

Green Grog

  • Car Body: Grog (Lime)
  • Wheels: Invader
  • Rocket Boost: Xenosplash
  • Decal: Spectre
  • Goal Explosion: Striker Pro
  • Primary Color: C2
  • Accent Color: B1

Fire Grog

  • Car Body: Grog (Black)
  • Wheels: Rat Rod
  • Rocket Boost: Flamethrower Red
  • Decal: Bomber
  • Goal Explosion: Dust Cloud
  • 1st Paint Finish: Metallic
  • 2nd Paint Finish: Metallic
  • Primary Color: D8
  • Accent Color: G1

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  • Car Body: Grog (Sky Blue)
  • Wheels: Equalizer
  • Rocket Boost: Geo Soul
  • Decal: Magma
  • Goal Explosion: Sub-Zero
  • Primary Color: D5
  • Accent Color: C1

Pink Grog

  • Car Body: Grog (Pink)
  • Wheels: Draco
  • Rocket Boost: Dark Matter
  • Decal: Biomass
  • Goal Explosion: Standard Pink
  • Primary Color: C10
  • Accent Color: G1

Crazy Grog

  • Car Body: Grog (Forest Green)
  • Wheels: Nipper
  • Rocket Boost: Shinning Barrage 1
  • Decal: Spectre
  • Goal Explosion: Force Razor 1
  • Primary Color: D3
  • Accent Color: D9

Dragon Grog

  • Car Body: Grog (Gold)
  • Wheels: Gaiden
  • Rocket Boost: Golden Cosmos
  • Goal Explosion: Paper Dragon
  • 1st Paint Finish: Glossy
  • 2nd Paint Finish: Glossy
  • Primary Color: E1
  • Accent Color: E1

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Dark Grog

  • Car Body: Grog (Cobalt)
  • Wheels: Hypnotik
  • Rocket Boost: Fractal Fire
  • Decal: Stipple Gait
  • Goal Explosion: Supernova III
  • Primary Color: D8
  • Accent Color: A1

Icy Grog

  • Car Body: Grog (Titanium White)
  • Wheels: Ice Charger
  • Rocket Boost: Cold Fusion
  • Decal: Force Razor II
  • Goal Explosion: Supernova III
  • 1st Paint Finish: Glossy
  • 2nd Paint Finish: Glossy
  • Primary Color: C5
  • Accent Color: B10


The Grog is a great car. While it may look like a frog, it can actually perform really well in the RL arena. If you want to try out this eccentric vehicle, check out one of the designs listed above and make your opponents’ jaws drop.


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