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Top 10 Best Cars In Rocket League

Rocket League players have a selection of different cars to choose from. Besides the default cars, in Rocket League many of the cross-over events added cars such as the Batmobile or the real life BMWM240i.

Although most players simply select the car based on their play style, favourite paint jobs, cosmetic items or simply personal preference, the choice of your Rocket league car can have an effect on your gameplay. Different cars in Rocket League have different strengths and potential weaknesses.

If you want to do better in online matches, maybe you can start by trying to switch you vehicle. Here are the 10 best Rocket League cars in the game that you can use to complete matches easier and dominate the opposition.

1.  Bone Shaker

The Bone Shaker was added to the game as a part of a cross-brand promotion with Hot Wheels. Available only to those who have purchased the Hot Wheels DLC pack, the Bone Shaker is a great car for more aggresive plays with it’s impressive ball control and Octane hitbox.

Although often overlooked, this DLC car has stats very similar to Octane with the same hitbox, making it a legitimate choice for an online match. While it might not be a very popular car, the Bone Shaker can still outshine other cars in the game.

2. Breakout

One of the three default cars in the game, Breakout remains one of the more popular Rocket League cars. A perfect choice for the players that like a more defensive play style, Breakout features a large hitbox, allowing you to easily pass and lead the ball in a match.

Although it’s mid air handling can sometimes feel a bit awkward, Breakout is still a good car if you’re looking for a vehicle that’s easy to control. You can unlock Breakout simply by completing matches in Rocket League.

3. Endo

Endo has one of the longest car models, longer than the popular Octane. This versatile car features a more rectangular hitbox than other cars in the game.

The true strength of Endo lies in it’s mid air handling. The car’s hitbox allows you to easily manouver and perform air dribbles. If you’re looking for a car that handles great and gives you improved control over your movements, Endo with it’s flat top and design is the Rocket League car for you. You can find this car in Rocket League Turbo Crate blueprint.

4. Marauder

One of the most overlooked cars in the game, the Marauder is a great pick for those who enjoy playing defense. Although it’s slightly awkward looks don’t make it a very popular car, it’s enormous hitbox makes it great for defensive plays.

Visibly larger than other Rocket League cars, while the Marauder deos nothave the best handling in the game, it’s defensive capabilities are far above oter cars in the game. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will work best with your defensive style, try choosing the Marauder for your next match. This car can be found in the DLC package.

5. Dominus

The Dominus is probably the most versatile car in the Rocket League lineup. It’s slightly larger height with it’s hybrid hitbox and the shape of it’s front make it a great car for hoops and dribbles.

Available in the SuperSonic Fury pack DLC, the Dominus handles great and has a nice, tight turning radius, so if you’re looking for a Rocket League vehicle to improve your driving skills, give Dominus a go.

6. Mantis

With it’s Plank car type, the Mantis offers players a set of versatile features, making it one of the best Rocket League cars for both offense and defense. It’s slim design comes with a long hitbox, meaning that it’s great for defending the ball, as well as attacking with it.

A well rounded car, the Mantis has great ball control and is one of the best cars in Rocket League. This Plank car can be often found in high-level online matches, since it provides the player amazing handling. The Mantis really is one of the best cars in the game, so if you’re looking for a vehicle which can help you complete matches easier, try it in your next game. You can find Mantis in the Nitro Crate blueprint.

7. Aftershock

Aftershock is a part of the Rocket League collector’s edition loot and one of the best Rocket League cars using the Dominus hitbox. The car, however, is very fast for it’s size, allowing for quick and effective offensive plays.

One of the best cars when it comes to handling, Aftershock gives you an amazing ball control, if you’re looking to play offensively and score goals, Aftershock will easily allow you to outmanouver your opponents and always stay on top.

8. Nimbus

Probably the best car using the Hybrid hitbox, Nimbus is a great choice for players looking for a versatile Rocket league car.

One of the more popular cars, Nimbus is often selected for it’s amazing scoring abilities. While it might not excel in any of the areas, this Hybrid body type car can even be found in professional play, as it’s flat top and overall design make it one of the best cars that can fill any role in the game. You can find Nimbus in the Elevation crate.

9. Batmobile

One of the best cars in the game, Rocket League players don’t select the Batmobile only for it’s looks. Besides it’s amazing and sleek design, Batmobile is also one of the most popular ones, found in both higher and lower ranks of Rocket League.

With Dominus body type, the Batmobile also has an angular design on it’s front, allowing players to take precise and powerful shots with the ball. The vehicle is also quite long, making it a good choice for those playing defense. A few cars can technically outshine the Batmobile, so if you’re looking for a Rocket League car that can give you an edge over your opponents, the Batmobile is great for that. Sadly, if you didn’t get it when it was available in the DC Super Heroes DLC Pack, the car is no longer available.

10. Octane

Some players might be surprised seeing the default car on the first place, but it’s true. Octane really is the best car in Rocket League. The most popular car in Rocket League, Octane really has it all. Picked by new players and veterans alike, the car offers amazing handling, ball control and the Octane hitbox with it’s size is versatile and can be used on offense. as well as defense.

A well rounded car, Octane outshines most other cars. With a tight turning radius Octane handles amazingly, allowing for quick turns and prescise shoots with the ball. With it’s octane hitbox it really is the best car in the game. You will most likely encounter many players using the Octane in high ranked-matches, as this specific car simply outshines others is all areas. There might not be much point in telling you to try the most popular car in Rocket League, but if you feel like you’re struggling in matches, try returning to the original car, as you may find that any Octane alternative simply fails to live up to the original.

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