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How To Air Dribble in Rocket League – Complete Guide

Knowing basics such as receiving passes and taking shots is necessary if you want to win any online matches. However, the longer you spend playing Rocket League online matches, the bigger role the advanced mechanics will play in the match. Ball flicking, flip resets, recoveries and most importantly – air dribbles. If you want to get better at Rocket League, you have to understand air dribbles. Here’s a complete guide to air dribbling for Rocket League players who are new to the game.

What Is Air Dribble In Rocket League?

In it’s simplest form, air dribble in Rocket League functions the same way like any kind of dribble in every football game. However, in case of Rocket League you can also dribble the ball off the ground. When you manage to launch the ball into the air and guide it while flying yourself, you have successfully performed the air dribble in Rocket League. Air dribbling is one of the more difficult advanced mechanics. You might have to practice air dribbles for a long time in solo play, but the payoff will be well worth it. Air dribbling is not only extremely flashy and lets you show off your Rocket League skills, it is also a very legitimate strategy to score goals, even in higher ranks. If you know how to air dribble in Rocket League, than using this technique together with an appropriate care will let you score goals from the second end of the map, all while maintaining perfect ball control in the air. Here’s a complete guide to air dribbling in Rocket League.

1. Getting The Ball In The Air

Arguably one of the most difficult steps of the entire process, you can’t do an air dribble in Rocket League if you’re stuck on the ground. The easiest way to propel the ball up in the air is by dribbling the ball up to the wall, so that it starts going up the net. When it reaches certain height, the ball will separate from the net, slowly falling to the ground. This is you window to get start air dribbling. As soon as the ball starts falling down, boost directly into it to start air dribbling.

2. Boost Into The Ball While It’s In The Air

If you’re flying in the air, together with the ball, you are very close to successful air dribble. Once your car and the ball are in the air, your goal is to control your speed by boosting and to make sure that the ball will not hit the ground. The key to maintaining your flight is to control your boost and lightly tap the ball in the desired direction. If you do it too hard, you risk losing the ball completely. You want to control your speed so that you won’t accidentally punch the ball too hard and cause it to fly away, or that the ball won’t overtake you.

3. Do A Flip Reset (If You Can)

One of the main uses of an air dribble in Rocket League is to be able to fly through the entire field, together with the ball. However, flying itself is not the final point of air dribble. What you ideally want to end your flight with is a goal. With appropriate speed and air control, when your car is still in mid-air you can try to do a flip reset. Flip resets are the goals scored without having your car touching the ground. Air dribble is a perfect way to set up a flip reset, so try to end every air dribble this way.

In Conclusion

Although air dribble can look easy from the side, knowing how to control your car in the sky and score points this way requires a lot of practice. If you don’t want everyone else to just fly over your head in Rocket League, be sure to apply what you learned in this guide and start doing air dribbles today.

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