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6 Best Rocket League Octane Designs To Impress Other Players

Octane is by far one of the most popular cars in Rocket League’s history. Octane cars were actually first available in Rocket League’s precursor, ‘Supersonik Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars’ and are now a staple in the original game, as well as its mobile version Rocket League: Sideswipe. This iconic vehicle was also part of a promotion in Fortnite, where players could complete high-octane quests for a set of in-game rewards for both Rocket League and Fortnite.

Octane is one of the car bodies, which can be unlocked at the begging of the player’s career. Despite being one of the most common car bodies available in the game, Octane is loved by regular players and pros alike. Octane cars are always liked by players due to their great hitboxes, as well as their look, which conveys the classic Rocket League aesthetic very well.

You will most likely see a lot of Octane cars when playing Rocket League’s ranked games online. However, just becuase they are so popular, this doesn’t mean, that you have to look the same as every other player. Here are 6 best Rocket League Octane designs that will help you stand out in a match.

The Hologram

Players who enjoy cyberpunk themes will probably find this Octane car design to their liking. This futuristic design will let you dodge, boost and perform acrobatic stunts with a futuristic-looking rocket-powered car.

Body: Octane (Sky Blue)

Decal: Framework

Wheels: Tempest

Rocket boost: Datastream

Goal explosion: Holodata

1st Paint finish: Carbon Fiber

2nd Paint finish: Circuit Board

Titanium White Pirate

Titanium white Octane is currently one of the most expensive car body in the game. This design is for players who are willing to spend a little more on their Rocket League car in game items, but it’s well worth the price. Your Octane might look ridiculous, but this way everyone will be sure to notice the exepnsive Octane body more.

Body: Octane (titanium white)

Decal: New Zealand (Nike)

Wheels: Reaper (Inverted)

Rocket boost: Nitrous

Goal Explosion: Solar Flare

Topper: Cavalier

1st Paint finish: Camo

2nd Paint finish: Brushed Metal

Golden Sandcastle

For players who enjoy showing off in their online matches, this design for Rocket League’s Octane is a great choice. Sporting a collection of golden-themed in-game items, the golden sandcastle Octane design will be sure to show other players, that you care about looks and let you reach supersonic speeds with style.

Body: Octane (orange)

Decal: Summer Slide

Wheels: Sunburst

Rocket boost: Plasma

Goal explosion: Beach Party

Topper: Sandcastle

1st Paint finish: Straight-line

2nd Paint finish: Metallic Pearl (smooth)

Flaming Dragon

For players who want to really show off in their Rocket League’s Octane, this design will be sure to draw everyone’s eyes. Extremely flashy and impossible to miss, this vehicle design will make your Rocket League car look like a flaming dragon, making a particularly strong impression on your opponents, when they see your Octane car in the air with it’s wings.

Body: Octane (orange)

Decal: Fire God

Wheels: Draco (holographic)

Rocket boost: Lava

Goal explosion: Dueling Dragons

Topper: Dragon Wings: Roasted

1st Paint finish: Croc

2nd Paint finish: Dino

Red King

This design for your Octane Rocket League vehicle is a god choice if you want to make a royal impression on other players. By combining the Royal Crown topper with dark red colours, this Rocket League design will leave your opponents jealous of your look, when you juggle the ball in the air directly to their goal.

Body: Octane (black)

Decal: Glorifier

Wheels: Pyrrhas (inverted)

Rocket boost: Dark Matter

Goal explosion: Neuro-agitator

Topper: Royal Crown: Roasted

Trail: Ruckus

1st Paint finish: Metallic

2nd Paint finish: Anodized pearl

Crismon Shark

This is the perfect design for your Octane care if you want to look really dangerous in a match. No better way to do it, than to make your car look like one of the most famous predators on the planet.

Body: Octane (black)

Decal: Linares

Wheels: Bravada

Rocket boost: Sparkles

Goal explosion: Big Splash

Topper: Shark Fin FR

Trail: Shark Attack

1st Pain finish: Grassy

2nd Paint finish: Glossy

In conclusion

Octane is one of the most famous cars in the game’s history. You will most likely encounter a lot of players using the same vehicle in online matches, but this doesn’t mean, that you have to look like them. If you liked any of the designs, remember that you can buy individual items on Skinomat for the best prices on the market with a guaranteed instant payout in cash.

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