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9 Most Expensive Rocket League Items

Rocket League is one of the games with highly developed economy of collectible items. Although the game itself is free to play, many Rocket League players don’t hesitate coughing up some extra funds for an expensive Rocket League item or two.

For the players looking for something on the expensive side, Rocket League offers a wide selection of valuable items, some of them very often with outrageous prices. If you’re looking to spend some money and make your car design really stand out from other players, here are 9 most expensive items you can currently get your hands on in Rocket League.

  1. Gold Nugget Antenna

One of the items in Rocket League given out as alpha rewards to the testers, the Gold Nugget, although considered visually unappealing by many players, is still a symbol of status. If you want to show you’re a beta tester (or have enough money to buy this item from another player), the Gold Nugget antenna will be sure to command respect from other players.

This antenna is one of the least expensive items on this list, but this doesn’t mean it’s a cheap cosmetic. Players, who want to rock the Gold Nugget on their battle car, will need to come up with 16 000 credits.

  1. Black Dieci Wheels

Coming in at number two is a Rocket League item which might seem shocking to some. After all, the Dieci wheels are among some of the most common wheels in the game, which can be bought for cheap. What’s the difference here?

One important fact to remember about Rocket League items, is that painted versions of normal cosmetics can often be much more expensive than their basic versions. This applies in particular to some paints which are highly desired by players. Such is the case with the stylish Black Dieci wheels. If you want to get a version of your own, it will cost you around 24 000 credits.

  1. Titanium White Apex Wheels

Most titanium white items in Rocket League are among some of the most expensive ones in the game (which is why you will see a couple more Titanium white items below), and the Apex wheels are no different in this department. These wheels can no longer be obtained in the game through means other than trading. This item was given out to random players who watched the Rocket League Championship series on Twitch and were signed for it’s fan rewards program.

Because of how difficult these wheels are to come by, only a handful of Rocket League players are holding this rare item in their inventory. If you’re thinking of getting the Titanium White Apex wheels, consider the decision thoroughly, as these wheels are worth around 45 000 Rocket League credits.

  1. Black Reaper Goal Explosion

Goal explosions are among some of the most expensive items in Rocket League, mainly due to their impressive visual effect. Most goal explosions have flashy and colorful effects, drawing everyone’s attention to the goal you scored.

The Black Reaper goal explosion, however, is quite different. Instead of bright colors and explosions, players get a visit from the grim reaper, quickly popping in to announce that someone scored a goal. If this sounds appealing to you and you are holding 75 000 credits in your inventory, the Black Reaper goal explosion can be yours.

  1. Striker White Apex Wheels

Another set of expensive wheels on this list shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all – your car can’t go anywhere without wheels, which makes them one of the key items for your battle car. To show this in game, Rocket League devs let players select from a large pool of different wheels available.

The Striker White Apex wheels are more expensive than it’s other painted versions, mainly because all of the details of the wheels really shine (quite literally) in the white apex paintjob. If you want these wheels for your battle car, they can be yours, provided you have around 80 000 Rocket League credits laying around.

  1. Gold Cap Topper

The Gold Cap topper is easily one of the rarest items in Rocket League. Another alpha reward, the Gold Cap was given out to the players who participated in the alpha testing.

The Gold Cap itself might look quite ridiculous, since it’s literally a cap made out of gold, which also spells out ‘Alpha’ on it’s front. It can look a bit hilarious stuck on the top of your car, but if this sounds like your thing, get ready to hand over 100 000 credits. Also, the Gold Cap topper is among items in Rocket League which price varies significantly depending on the platform. Console players might have to pay double the ridiculous amount of credits this item commands.

  1. Goldstone Wheels

Another alpha reward at number 7, the Goldstone are some of the most expensive items in Rocket League that you can put in the wheels slot. The price of Goldstone Wheels comes not only from the fact that these were only available as an alpha reward, this set of wheels also looks extremely good and can add a bougie finish to every car design.

The alpha wheels are one of the most expensive items in Rocket League with an average sale price of about 600 000 credits. This is some pretty penny, but alpha reward items in Rocket League are only in available in very limited numbers. If you want the Goldstone Wheels, your only way is to trade with alpha testers, as this item is no longer available through any other means.

  1. Gold Rush Boost

Last of the items handed out to players for testing the alpha version, the Gold Rush is easily the most desired rocket boost in the game, which also consequently makes it the most expensive boost you can get. Like other alpha items, the Gold Rush boost can only be obtained via trading with other players now, there are no other means to get this super limited edition boost.

The alpha boost will cause your car to literally leave trails of gold when using a rocket boost. Sure, it might look a bit tacky, but the gold items in Rocket League had been a symbol of status since the alpha version, even if some of the might look ridiculous. If you want the Gold Rush for your battle car, get comfortable with the idea of spending over 1 million credits.

  1. White Hat Topper

Always topping any lists of rare or most expensive items in Rocket League is the well known White Hat topper. Unlike the items that were given to alpha testers, the White Hat is available only to a select few who accomplished a quite difficult feat, regardless of whether they are pros or newbies.

The White Hats can’t, and never could be, obtained through traditional means and must be given to the player by the Rocket League devs. You can get a White Hat topper directly from the devs if you manage to find a previously unknown bug or exploit, which could seriously affect the security of the game. Rocket League players who managed this, are gifted with a White Hat topper for their car. If you want to get your hands on the White Hat by trading with other players, you need to be on the lookout. This super rare Rocket League item doesn’t have an average price, as it’s very rarely available for trade. If you want this topper for your car, prepare for serious bidding wars with other Rocket League players.

In conclusion

Some of the most expensive items in Rocket League can command absolutely insane prices for a cosmetic item to an online game. Still, this is caused either by their popularity, or simply by the fact that only few of the items are available and the players are willing to pay great sums of real world money in credits to get them.

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