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How To Make Money On Rocket League Blueprints?

Rocket League Blueprints were introduced to the game as a replacement of the previous system of cases. Rocket League Blueprints are one of the most basic items in the game that you can get very often for simply finishing a match. Blueprints in Rocket League are used by players to craft items, but can you do anything else with them?

As a matter of fact, if you’re sitting on some rare blueprints or a particular black market blueprint, you might be able to actually make some cash. Here’s what you need to know in order to make money on Rocket League blueprints from your inventory.

What Is the Rocket League Blueprint System?

The blueprint system was introduced to Rocket League together with the free-to-play update. Blueprints in Rocket League have replaced the previous case feature, where players could first get an item case as they were playing, and later purchase a case key to open it and receive one of the items stored within the case.

When the game went free to play, the blueprint system was introduced to the game, replacing the previous weapon cases that were holding items. All unopened cases turned into unrevealed blueprints, which players could reveal for free and see exactly what item built were inside. After this, players could only obtain revealed blueprints.

The blueprints function slightly differently from weapon cases. All blueprints are stored in the blueprint storage screen and players can browse through them and choose the ones that interest them. Instead of purchasing a key to the weapon case and getting a random item, players can actually see the item that is inside every blueprint. Instead of spending a fixed amount of credits for a key, players can simply craft the item inside by spending credits. Depending on the quality of the blueprint you might have to spend more or fewer credits.

What to Do With Blueprints in Rocket League?

The most common use for Rocket League blueprints is simply crafting them. If you have enough credits in your Rocket League garage, you can simply spend the credits to craft your item immediately. After you do, the item will be immediately added to your inventory in place of the blueprint, and you will be able to immediately equip your item for any of your cars.

The second thing you can do is craft more advanced blueprints. When you have enough blueprints of the same quality in your blueprint storage screen, you can go to the crafting screen and instead choose to trade blueprints in to get a random blueprint of a higher quality. This means that, for example, if you exchange five exotic blueprints, you can get one import blueprint or another random blueprint of a higher quality.

Finally, you can also sell and trade blueprints with other players. Although many of the blueprints are cheap items (since players have to spend credits to craft the items anyway) some rare blueprints are actually highly desired and you can make money on them.

How to Sell Rocket League Blueprints?

If you have one very rare blueprint or some exotic blueprint for a very expensive item, chances are you might have a buyer that would like to get their hands on one of your blueprints. Although they aren’t the most expensive in-game item, with few exceptions, you can still get a couple of hundred credits on those rare blueprints.

In addition, if you have any unrevealed blueprints, you can sometimes sell them for good money, since they are rare, and there’s a chance that the buyer will get a bargain and a rare blueprint. Still, if you have any in your inventory, it’s a good idea to sell them if you can. In general unrevealed blueprints, items aren’t the highest quality, so you’re generally better off selling them unless you really want to try your luck.

Once you have the credits from a transaction, head over to RLexchange, where you can sell your credits for real money. Simply select the option ‘sell items’, choose how many credits you want to sell for real money, and enjoy a quick payout of funds. There are many different methods you can choose to obtain your money, such as bank transfer, crypto, PayPal, and many, many more. As soon as you finalize a transaction, the money will arrive to you in your chosen payout form.

In Conclusion

Rocket League blueprints are one of the most basic items you can get in the game and aren’t worth a whole lot of money. Still, if you know what you’re doing, then with RLexchange you can turn unwanted blueprints into free cash.

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