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Black OEM – Best Wheels In The Game?

One of the coolest features of Rocket League is that the game allows players to modify virtually any part of their vehicle. Players can choose different Rocket League decals, antennas and even entire car bodies!

One of the most important parts of every car is the wheels. If you’d like to add some great-looking wheels to your collection, the Black OEM wheels are an absolute must-have! If this sounds like an item that you might want to add to your inventory – keep reading! Here’s everything you should know about Black OEM – possibly the best Rocket League wheels in the game!

What Are The Black OEM Wheels?

The Black OEM wheels are one of the most classic Rocket League items, available in the game since its release date, and playing an important role in many different car designs. The OEM wheels are a great and versatile pick, which fits almost any car design with its sleek and stylish look.

Because the OEM wheels are so popular and versatile, they can give an awesome finishing touch to any car design in the game. However, even though the default OEM wheels are some of the more popular in the game, the painted variants of this item are the real main stars of the show, with burnt sienna, titanium white, and black OEMs among the different top painted versions.

This set of black wheels holds an important place in the Rocket League trading community as one of the best, sleekest wheels you can get for your car. Because black OEM wheels can fit with almost any car design, this makes it a highly sought-after item.

How To Get Your Own Black OEM Wheels?

If you’re looking for black OEM wheels of your own, you’re in luck. Black versions of the OEM wheels are some of the most popular wheels in the entire game and many players are looking to get their hands on this item, which makes it rather easily available to all the players that want to expand their collection with these classic wheels.

At the moment, black OEM wheels are available in three different rarity variants, depending on how the original item was obtained. Each rarity differs slightly in price. The current market value of black OEM wheels is:

  • Rare – 800 credits
  • Uncommon – 900 credits
  • Exotic – 1900 credits

Can the prestige justify spending so many credits on exotic black OEM wheels? If you’re looking for an item that will add a lot of prestige to your player’s inventory, exotic black OEM wheels can certainly be worth the high prices they demand on the market. However, if you’re looking for some alternative options that might not affect your budget so much, other rarity versions of these wheels look just as great and can go well with many different designs.

To Sum Up

Black OEM wheels are some of the most expensive wheels in the game, but they also deliver a classic, amazing look, that’s definitely worth the price. If you’re looking to buy Rocket League items, check out RLexchange, where you can get a secure trading experience, as well as the best deals on any of your favorite items!

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