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Trading Prices - Rocket League - Xbox - Decal

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Heatwave 201 credits
Labyrinth 39 credits
Parallax 79 credits
Slipstream 60 credits
Biomass 81 credits
Hexed 82 credits
Spectre 62 credits
Tora 41 credits
20XX 128 credits
Bubbly 208 credits
Chameleon 150 credits
Storm Watch
Storm Watch 128 credits
Trigon 90 credits
Dissolver 338 credits
Fire God
Fire God 252 credits
Streamline 65 credits
Mainframe 326 credits
Wet Paint
Wet Paint 65 credits
Intrudium 87 credits
Hex Tide
Hex Tide 103 credits
Magma 88 credits
Glorifier 88 credits
Tidal Stream
Tidal Stream 222 credits
Exalter 358 credits
Stipple Gait
Stipple Gait 225 credits
Interstellar 317 credits
Stride Tide
Stride Tide 1 035 credits
Encryption 290 credits
Almagest 62 credits
Z-Current 63 credits
Humid Haze
Humid Haze 266 credits
Warp Wave
Warp Wave 355 credits
Takumi: Distortion
Takumi: Distortion 12 credits
Octane: Distortion
Octane: Distortion 20 credits
Octane: Snakeskin
Octane: Snakeskin 22 credits
Breakout: Distortion
Breakout: Distortion 25 credits
Breakout: Snakeskin
Breakout: Snakeskin 12 credits
Dominus: Distortion
Dominus: Distortion 82 credits
Road Hog: Snakeskin
Road Hog: Snakeskin 12 credits
X-Devil: Snakeskin
X-Devil: Snakeskin 13 credits
Octane: MG-88
Octane: MG-88 25 credits
Endo: MG-88
Endo: MG-88 20 credits
Mantis: Snakeskin
Mantis: Snakeskin 13 credits
Animus GP: Distortion
Animus GP: Distortion 120 credits
Jäger 619: Snakeskin
Jäger 619: Snakeskin 22 credits
Leviathan 124 credits
Kaleidoscope 41 credits
Octane: Ripped Comic
Octane: Ripped Comic 27 credits
Breakout: Ripped Comic
Breakout: Ripped Comic 20 credits
Octane: Tumbling Blocks
Octane: Tumbling Blocks 22 credits
Smokescreen 66 credits
W.I.P. 62 credits
Deep Six
Deep Six 65 credits
Octane: Framework
Octane: Framework 107 credits
Meteoroid 203 credits
Octane: 10dril
Octane: 10dril 41 credits
Octane: Swayzee
Octane: Swayzee 66 credits
Dominus: Martian Wind
Dominus: Martian Wind 118 credits
Fennec: Oozy
Fennec: Oozy 144 credits
Fennec: Hyperspace
Fennec: Hyperspace 178 credits
Octane: Reviver
Octane: Reviver 270 credits
Waveform 162 credits
Takumi: Anubis
Takumi: Anubis 8 credits
Takumi: Vector
Takumi: Vector 13 credits
Octane: Dot Matrix
Octane: Dot Matrix 23 credits
Merc: Warlock
Merc: Warlock 23 credits
Breakout: Dot Matrix
Breakout: Dot Matrix 24 credits
Dominus: Dot Matrix
Dominus: Dot Matrix 20 credits
Dominus: Snakeskin
Dominus: Snakeskin 20 credits
Dominus: Vector
Dominus: Vector 20 credits
Dominus GT: Distortion
Dominus GT: Distortion 43 credits
Takumi RX-T: Distortion
Takumi RX-T: Distortion 13 credits
Octane: Kilowatt
Octane: Kilowatt 21 credits
Breakout Type-S: Distortion
Breakout Type-S: Distortion 21 credits
Octane ZSR: Distortion
Octane ZSR: Distortion 21 credits
Breakout: Vector
Breakout: Vector 13 credits
Goop 20 credits
Fennec: Ombre
Fennec: Ombre 40 credits
Octane: Kana
Octane: Kana 20 credits
Komodo: Takeover
Komodo: Takeover 29 credits
Fennec: Distortion
Fennec: Distortion 28 credits
Fennec: Huntress
Fennec: Huntress 41 credits
Peregrine TT: Ombre
Peregrine TT: Ombre 170 credits
Octane: Bodacious
Octane: Bodacious 24 credits
Dominus: Huntress
Dominus: Huntress 25 credits
Fennec: Bodacious
Fennec: Bodacious 86 credits
Dingo: Huntress
Dingo: Huntress 42 credits
Jackal: Huntress
Jackal: Huntress 40 credits
Dominus: Bodacious
Dominus: Bodacious 28 credits
Mamba: Ombre
Mamba: Ombre 127 credits
Mamba: Huntress
Mamba: Huntress 41 credits
Takumi: Combo
Takumi: Combo 8 credits
Octane: Dragon Lord
Octane: Dragon Lord 31 credits
Octane: Racer
Octane: Racer 9 credits
Venom: Flex
Venom: Flex 9 credits
Venom: Nine Lives
Venom: Nine Lives 4 credits
Breakout: Vice
Breakout: Vice 20 credits
Dominus: Pollo Caliente
Dominus: Pollo Caliente 8 credits
Breakout: Junk Food
Breakout: Junk Food 4 credits
Dominus: Royalty
Dominus: Royalty 9 credits
Merc: Flower Power
Merc: Flower Power 9 credits
Road Hog: Carbonated
Road Hog: Carbonated 5 credits
Dominus: Arcana
Dominus: Arcana 40 credits
Takumi: Whizzle
Takumi: Whizzle 22 credits
Breakout: Shibuya
Breakout: Shibuya 4 credits
Merc: Narwhal
Merc: Narwhal 22 credits
Breakout: Falchion
Breakout: Falchion 8 credits
Breakout: Turbo
Breakout: Turbo 8 credits
Dominus: Mondo
Dominus: Mondo 12 credits
Octane: Shisa
Octane: Shisa 144 credits
Masamune: Oni
Masamune: Oni 4 credits
Octane: Roadkill
Octane: Roadkill 43 credits
Road Hog: Wildfire
Road Hog: Wildfire 13 credits
Hotshot: Hi-Tech
Hotshot: Hi-Tech 4 credits
Gizmo: Mean Streak
Gizmo: Mean Streak 4 credits
X-Devil: Maximon
X-Devil: Maximon 13 credits
Breakout Type-S: Funny Book
Breakout Type-S: Funny Book 22 credits
Octane ZSR: Tribal
Octane ZSR: Tribal 20 credits
X-Devil Mk2: Cobra
X-Devil Mk2: Cobra 21 credits
Breakout: Heiwa
Breakout: Heiwa 4 credits
Masamune: Kawaii
Masamune: Kawaii 4 credits
Octane: Griffon
Octane: Griffon 27 credits
Dominus: Suji
Dominus: Suji 32 credits
Dominus GT: Unmasked
Dominus GT: Unmasked 44 credits
Takumi RX-T: Super RX-T
Takumi RX-T: Super RX-T 20 credits
Breakout Type-S: Mobo
Breakout Type-S: Mobo 4 credits
Takumi: Sticker Bomb
Takumi: Sticker Bomb 4 credits
Dominus: MDGA
Dominus: MDGA 21 credits
Octane ZSR: Jiangshi
Octane ZSR: Jiangshi 9 credits
Octane: Buzz Kill
Octane: Buzz Kill 12 credits
Takumi: Aqueous
Takumi: Aqueous 4 credits
Octane ZSR: Funny Book
Octane ZSR: Funny Book 9 credits
Endo: Spatter
Endo: Spatter 8 credits
Octane: Lone Wolf
Octane: Lone Wolf 21 credits
Octane: Slimline
Octane: Slimline 21 credits
Mantis: Critters
Mantis: Critters 4 credits
Breakout Type-S: S'mored
Breakout Type-S: S'mored 9 credits
Dominus GT: Splatter
Dominus GT: Splatter 4 credits
Animus GP: Odd Fish
Animus GP: Odd Fish 4 credits
Dominus GT: Callous Bros.
Dominus GT: Callous Bros. 8 credits
Mantis: Widow's Web
Mantis: Widow's Web 8 credits
Breakout: Stitches
Breakout: Stitches 4 credits
Dominus: Afterlife
Dominus: Afterlife 40 credits
Octane: Thanatos
Octane: Thanatos 63 credits
Breakout: Chainsaw
Breakout: Chainsaw 4 credits
Breakout: 9 Lives
Breakout: 9 Lives 4 credits
Dominus GT: Staredown
Dominus GT: Staredown 4 credits
Dominus GT: NNTR
Dominus GT: NNTR 4 credits
Octane ZSR: Mechaceph
Octane ZSR: Mechaceph 12 credits
Octane: Chantico
Octane: Chantico 21 credits
Endo: Mummified
Endo: Mummified 4 credits
Animus GP: Peacock
Animus GP: Peacock 4 credits
Centio: Pollinator
Centio: Pollinator 4 credits
Centio: Machina
Centio: Machina 4 credits
Centio: Splashback
Centio: Splashback 4 credits
Mantis: Cold Front
Mantis: Cold Front 4 credits
Octane: Christmas Tree
Octane: Christmas Tree 42 credits
Dominus: Holiday Deco
Dominus: Holiday Deco 9 credits
Centio: Gigapede
Centio: Gigapede 4 credits
Breakout: Rad Reindeer
Breakout: Rad Reindeer 4 credits
Animus GP: Rose King
Animus GP: Rose King 4 credits
Merc: Athena
Merc: Athena 4 credits
Imperator DT5: Windswept
Imperator DT5: Windswept 8 credits
Imperator DT5: Mosher
Imperator DT5: Mosher 4 credits
Jäger 619: Mister Monsoon
Jäger 619: Mister Monsoon 4 credits
Jäger 619: Hip-Hop
Jäger 619: Hip-Hop 8 credits
Jäger 619: StarLighter
Jäger 619: StarLighter 9 credits
Venom: Retro Sun
Venom: Retro Sun 4 credits
Jäger 619: XVI
Jäger 619: XVI 4 credits
Marauder: XVIII
Marauder: XVIII 4 credits
Breakout: Taniwha
Breakout: Taniwha 9 credits
Octane: Island King
Octane: Island King 67 credits
Dominus: Proptosis
Dominus: Proptosis 20 credits
Octane: Royal Tyrant
Octane: Royal Tyrant 40 credits
Masamune: Min-Spec
Masamune: Min-Spec 4 credits
Road Hog: Sundae
Road Hog: Sundae 4 credits
Breakout: Astaroth
Breakout: Astaroth 4 credits
Breakout: Egged
Breakout: Egged 8 credits
Dominus: Funny Book
Dominus: Funny Book 4 credits
Twinzer: Muddy
Twinzer: Muddy 4 credits
Twinzer: Good Shape
Twinzer: Good Shape 4 credits
Octane: Sticker Bomb
Octane: Sticker Bomb 22 credits
Twinzer: Smooth Jazz
Twinzer: Smooth Jazz 8 credits
Octane: Vertebrate
Octane: Vertebrate 41 credits
Dominus: Dragon
Dominus: Dragon 41 credits
Dominus: OR-AISE
Dominus: OR-AISE 8 credits
Octane: Gale-Fire
Octane: Gale-Fire 66 credits
Octane: Windblast
Octane: Windblast 30 credits
Dominus: Mixtape
Dominus: Mixtape 13 credits
Octane: Vaporwave
Octane: Vaporwave 20 credits
Insidio: Sticker Bomb
Insidio: Sticker Bomb 22 credits
Insidio: Ternion
Insidio: Ternion 8 credits
Diestro: Rico
Diestro: Rico 8 credits
Octane: Abtruse
Octane: Abtruse 26 credits
Insidio: Mr. Coney
Insidio: Mr. Coney 85 credits
Fennec: Edge Burst
Fennec: Edge Burst 20 credits
Insidio: Silencer
Insidio: Silencer 23 credits
Sentinel: Faceted
Sentinel: Faceted 18 credits
Fennec: Hardline
Fennec: Hardline 26 credits
Peregrine TT: Crisis
Peregrine TT: Crisis 26 credits
Peregrine TT: Hoodbar
Peregrine TT: Hoodbar 9 credits
Fennec: Slimline
Fennec: Slimline 20 credits
Fennec: Zeus
Fennec: Zeus 33 credits
Tygris: Mister Rad
Tygris: Mister Rad 29 credits
Tygris: Platformer
Tygris: Platformer 9 credits
Tygris: Silencer
Tygris: Silencer 8 credits
Dingo: Silencer
Dingo: Silencer 26 credits
Dingo: Figurator
Dingo: Figurator 8 credits
Dingo: Rascal Stripes
Dingo: Rascal Stripes 9 credits
Jackal: Sharpshooter
Jackal: Sharpshooter 24 credits
Jackal: Silencer
Jackal: Silencer 62 credits
Dingo: Dragon Lord
Dingo: Dragon Lord 20 credits
Mamba: Sharpshooter
Mamba: Sharpshooter 83 credits
Mamba: D-Money
Mamba: D-Money 31 credits
Triton: Glyphtrix
Triton: Glyphtrix 4 credits
Aftershock: Tiger Tiger
Aftershock: Tiger Tiger 4 credits
Paladin: ShapeRacer
Paladin: ShapeRacer 4 credits
X-Devil: Dot Matrix
X-Devil: Dot Matrix 22 credits
Breakout Type-S: RLCS
Breakout Type-S: RLCS 22 credits
Dominus: RLCS
Dominus: RLCS 31 credits
Octane: RLCS
Octane: RLCS 41 credits
Breakout: RLCS
Breakout: RLCS 13 credits
Dominus GT: RLCS
Dominus GT: RLCS 24 credits
Octane ZSR: RLCS
Octane ZSR: RLCS 13 credits
Takumi: Sizzled
Takumi: Sizzled 21 credits
Ripper: Stibium
Ripper: Stibium 4 credits
Breakout: Mammoth
Breakout: Mammoth 4 credits
Breakout: BOO!
Breakout: BOO! 21 credits
Octane: Turtle Tribe
Octane: Turtle Tribe 41 credits
Breakout: Bobcat
Breakout: Bobcat 8 credits
Breakout: Sneaky Slither
Breakout: Sneaky Slither 12 credits
Octane: Krush
Octane: Krush 42 credits
Mantis: Hammerhead
Mantis: Hammerhead 13 credits
Twisted Tree
Twisted Tree 41 credits
Cold Sweater
Cold Sweater 44 credits
Endo: Polar Force
Endo: Polar Force 22 credits
Jäger 619: Shark Tooth
Jäger 619: Shark Tooth 13 credits
Esper: Eye Opener
Esper: Eye Opener 4 credits
Mantis: Megabat
Mantis: Megabat 14 credits
Dominus: Templar
Dominus: Templar 39 credits
Octane: Space Cadet
Octane: Space Cadet 30 credits
Marauder: Alley Cat
Marauder: Alley Cat 8 credits
X-Devil: Devil's Advocate
X-Devil: Devil's Advocate 9 credits
Breakout Type-S: Zero-Sum
Breakout Type-S: Zero-Sum 8 credits
Breakout: Froggy
Breakout: Froggy 59 credits
Backfire: Cruster Buster
Backfire: Cruster Buster 8 credits
Dominus: Fantasmo
Dominus: Fantasmo 22 credits
Octane: Dr. Thrash
Octane: Dr. Thrash 40 credits
Gizmo: Wannabee
Gizmo: Wannabee 8 credits
Octane: Dune Racer
Octane: Dune Racer 42 credits
Road Hog: Quick Fix
Road Hog: Quick Fix 4 credits
Merc: B.B. Wolf
Merc: B.B. Wolf 43 credits
X-Devil: Disco Monster
X-Devil: Disco Monster 4 credits
Gizmo: Hive Mind
Gizmo: Hive Mind 4 credits
Swirls 41 credits
Breakout: Nice Shot
Breakout: Nice Shot 62 credits
Dominus: Savage
Dominus: Savage 22 credits
Octane: Nice Shot
Octane: Nice Shot 43 credits
Breakout: What A Save!
Breakout: What A Save! 12 credits
Boo-ya! 44 credits
Merc: Watermelon
Merc: Watermelon 4 credits
Breakout: Watermelon
Breakout: Watermelon 20 credits
Twinzer: Quick Fix II
Twinzer: Quick Fix II 21 credits
Breakout: CRL Western
Breakout: CRL Western 40 credits
Dominus: CRL Eastern
Dominus: CRL Eastern 101 credits
Dominus: CRL Southern
Dominus: CRL Southern 85 credits
Octane: CRL Northern
Octane: CRL Northern 353 credits
Octane: Watermelon
Octane: Watermelon 33 credits
Road Hog: Watermelon
Road Hog: Watermelon 8 credits
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy 224 credits
Octane: Noooo!
Octane: Noooo! 65 credits
Humble Pie
Humble Pie 64 credits
Maverick: Jetstream
Maverick: Jetstream 66 credits
Maverick: Circuit Pro
Maverick: Circuit Pro 100 credits
Maverick: Gale-Fire
Maverick: Gale-Fire 68 credits
Breakout: King Monke
Breakout: King Monke 4 credits
Octane: Quetzalcoatl
Octane: Quetzalcoatl 21 credits
Octane: Trick or Treat
Octane: Trick or Treat 59 credits
Breakout: Lycan
Breakout: Lycan 8 credits
Breakout: Ghost Fever
Breakout: Ghost Fever 16 credits
Octane: Sweater Fest
Octane: Sweater Fest 43 credits
Breakout: Nisse
Breakout: Nisse 4 credits
Dominus: Winter Waddle
Dominus: Winter Waddle 13 credits
Backfire: Greatgrid
Backfire: Greatgrid 4 credits
Arachnophobia 88 credits
Snowstorm 25 credits
Formation 43 credits
Future Shock
Future Shock 103 credits
Breakout: Nitro Circus
Breakout: Nitro Circus 8 credits
Breakout: Dragon
Breakout: Dragon 4 credits
Breakout: Easter Bunny
Breakout: Easter Bunny 9 credits
Octane: Sleet Creeps
Octane: Sleet Creeps 42 credits
Octane: Killer Griller
Octane: Killer Griller 31 credits
Flame-Lane 8 credits
Mainliner 22 credits
Fireworks 42 credits
Octane: Jacktide
Octane: Jacktide 90 credits
Streak Wave
Streak Wave 40 credits
Percussion 21 credits
Shield Glitch
Shield Glitch 24 credits
Octane: Dragon
Octane: Dragon 68 credits
Merc: Dragon
Merc: Dragon 4 credits
Breakout: Yaojing
Breakout: Yaojing 13 credits
Dominus: Yaojing
Dominus: Yaojing 9 credits
Dominus: Candy Monster
Dominus: Candy Monster 36 credits
Dominus: Funky Medusa
Dominus: Funky Medusa 14 credits
Dominus: Nightmare Fuel
Dominus: Nightmare Fuel 16 credits
Dominus: Whitewash
Dominus: Whitewash 9 credits
Octane: Conundrum
Octane: Conundrum 22 credits
Hydro Paint
Hydro Paint 22 credits
Octane: Metarudia
Octane: Metarudia 27 credits
Dominus: Gentleman Beef
Dominus: Gentleman Beef 4 credits
Dominus: Stratum Badge
Dominus: Stratum Badge 21 credits
Caution Waves
Caution Waves 42 credits
Octane: Cobra Kai
Octane: Cobra Kai 111 credits
Breakout: TV Time
Breakout: TV Time 9 credits
Breakout: Snow Devil
Breakout: Snow Devil 8 credits
Dominus: Arboreal Nightmare
Dominus: Arboreal Nightmare 41 credits
Octane: The Goonies
Octane: The Goonies 86 credits
Octane: Voltron
Octane: Voltron 66 credits
Octane: Ultimate Warrior
Octane: Ultimate Warrior 86 credits
Compound C
Compound C 21 credits
Germophile 61 credits
Spider Boogie
Spider Boogie 39 credits
Mudcat: RL Esports
Mudcat: RL Esports 24 credits
Dominus: RL Esports
Dominus: RL Esports 80 credits
Octane: RL Esports
Octane: RL Esports 402 credits
Breakout: RL Esports
Breakout: RL Esports 99 credits
Leafstream 43 credits
Xmas Lights
Xmas Lights 31 credits
Gift Storm
Gift Storm 41 credits
Hawaiian Hopper
Hawaiian Hopper 178 credits
Luster Edge
Luster Edge 43 credits
Starpower 9 credits
Dune-Sweeper 22 credits
Tigress 32 credits
Liquid Camo
Liquid Camo 9 credits
EQ-RL 8 credits
Fennec: Yorebands
Fennec: Yorebands 24 credits
Filiformer 8 credits
Octane: SARP Stripe
Octane: SARP Stripe 12 credits
Aftershock: Clipper
Aftershock: Clipper 8 credits
Vaticinator 23 credits
Harbinger: Quickline
Harbinger: Quickline 4 credits
Auger 22 credits
Spatiotemporal 13 credits
Peregrine TT: Mechwing
Peregrine TT: Mechwing 4 credits
Cityscape 79 credits
Fennec: RLCS X
Fennec: RLCS X 43 credits
Dominus: RLCS X
Dominus: RLCS X 31 credits
Octane: RLCS X
Octane: RLCS X 41 credits
Undergrowth 43 credits
Neural Network
Neural Network 60 credits
Octane: RLCS 2021-22
Octane: RLCS 2021-22 21 credits
Dominus: RLCS 2021-22
Dominus: RLCS 2021-22 59 credits
Fennec: RLCS 2021-22
Fennec: RLCS 2021-22 22 credits
Screentone 9 credits
Fuzzee 26 credits
SYNgineer 133 credits
Nomad: Blinkpad
Nomad: Blinkpad 25 credits
Boujee 31 credits
Marred Shard
Marred Shard 39 credits
Affluenter 62 credits
Octane: Wrapstar: Remixed
Octane: Wrapstar: Remixed 104 credits
Honda Civic Type R: Wrapstar: Remixed
Honda Civic Type R: Wrapstar: Remixed 43 credits

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