Rocket League STEAM Trading Item Prices - Paint finish

Trading Prices - Rocket League - STEAM - Paint finish

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Furry 27 credits
Metallic Pearl
Metallic Pearl 17 credits
Pearlescent 17 credits
Metallic (Smooth)
Metallic (Smooth) 24 credits
Metallic Pearl (Smooth)
Metallic Pearl (Smooth) 24 credits
Anodized 88 credits
Straight-Line 41 credits
Anodized Pearl
Anodized Pearl 85 credits
Toon Wood
Toon Wood 8 credits
Wood 8 credits
Camo 9 credits
Circuit Board
Circuit Board 44 credits
Moon Rock
Moon Rock 26 credits
Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough 17 credits
Knitted Yarn
Knitted Yarn 25 credits
Burlap 16 credits
Glossy Block
Glossy Block 42 credits
Pearlescent (Matte)
Pearlescent (Matte) 41 credits
Dino 42 credits
Toon Sketch
Toon Sketch 88 credits
Stiletto 88 credits
Zebra 49 credits
Metallic Flake
Metallic Flake 59 credits

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