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Sell Rocket League Items

Become RL Exchange supplier and earn money selling your Rocket League items and credits. We connect Rocket League players interested in buying the items to reputable sellers. Our mission is to close the gap between multiple timezones and make Rocket League trade as easy as possible. Selling items to RL Exchange you receive the money instantly and do not have to worry about the trouble of reaching buyers yourself.

Rocket League Credits and items are in high demand on RL Exchange. We are always interested in new suppliers. Become our regular and receive special offers and bonuses. We reward big Rocket League traders with the best prices for their items.

Please take note that your supply has to be verified by our team in 24 hours. After verification you have 3 days to complete the trade. If you don’t pass the verification or don’t contact us to complete trade in scheduled time, your supply is canceled and has to be created again.

Cashout Rocket League Credits

The credits fuel the Rocket League economy. You can exchange almost every Rocket League item for credits, making them perfect mean to withdraw value. Sell your credits on RL Exchange at fair market price without worrying about dishonest buyers, chargebacks and advertising your offer. RL Exchange is your first choice for selling items and credits.

Our service guarantees you 100% security. We will guide you through the process and send money the moment the instant trade is completed. Our agents are available around the clock to retrieve the items for you and issue instant payment. Our prices are firm, and we guarantee the best experience.

Sell Rocket League Items for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is our supported payment method. Sell credits and items on RL Exchange and receive money via BTC. Bitcoin is the most efficient cashout method available. When selling your items for Bitcoin, you'll receive the most money, as Bitcoin fees are extremely low. It's common to transfer millions of USD via Bitcoin for only a few cents fee.

Bitcoin can be used to pay for goods in many shops and websites. It's widely accepted payment method. When selling for Bitcoin you are guaranteed to get the most value out of your Rocket League Credits and Items.