Kostenlose Rocket League Items

Verdiene kostenlose Rocket League Credits und Items indem du bezahlte Aufgaben erledigst


How to get free Rocket League Items?

You can earn free Rocket League Items by completing paid tasks. You can find them in the list below. Each task has a different price and reward. You can choose the one that suits you the most. After completing the task, you will receive your reward in 24 hours.

What RL items can I get for free?

You can exchange the balance for all items from RL Exchange Market - the selection is wide and covers all your Rocket League trading needs. Some examples of items you can get for free on Epic, Steam, XBOX, PS and Nintendo Switch are: Rocket League Credits; the best Rocket League cars - Octane and Fennec; Rocket League Black Market Decals - Interstellar, 20xx, Heatwave, Dissolver and Glorifier; Rocket League Wheels: Zomba and Draco; and more!

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