Rocket League is one of the video games out there that is very committed to getting better. And their campaign to improve user experience just got bigger with this week's announcement of different cool stuff that they are soon launching.

The Blueprint Update is coming your way, and it's bringing a bunch of new content. On December 4, Blueprints will replace Crates, Rocket Pass 5 will launch, and the new Item Shop will open for business!

But before you get too excited for all of these new updates, check your inventories first because new items you will surely enjoy. Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC Packs will be added to all accounts! Isn't it cool!

In this post, we will dive into more details on the new and fresh stuff that is coming to Rocket League on December 4!

Rocket Pass 5

Take your RL experience to a new level as the latest battle pass called Rocket Pass 5 will soon drop, and your journey to at least 70 new rewards will be coming to you on December 4. The best thing about this is that the game will also launch an all-new, anime-inspired car, Chikara. It will automatically be available to you once you subscribe to Rocket Pass Premium.

Players can expect new items from the 70-tier Rocket Pass 5, including Holosphere Wheels, Metallograph Animated Decal, and three further Goal Explosions. But the fun does not end there! Once you surpass the 70-tier challenge and unlock the Pro Tiers beyond that, you can also get Painted, and Special Edition versions of select Rocket Pass 5 items!

The good news is that you can get the Rocket Pass Premium for only 1,000 credits. When you purchase the premium pass, aside from gaining access to these awesome upgrades and fresh new items, you will also be able to earn up to 1,000 just by Tiering-Up in the Rocket Pass 5.


Have you heard the news? Yes, Crates are out, Blueprints are in. Once the update on December 4 starts, players will have a chance to obtain a Blueprint following Online Matches instead of Crates. With the new feature, users will be able to immediately see what items are available and how to build them according to their Blueprints. It also includes information like whether the items are Painted and/or Certified.

Much like Crates, you can also trade your Blueprints with other players as well. And if, by the time of the update, you still have Crates in your Inventory, the system will automatically replace them with a random Blueprint. You can also use the replacement to build new items, trade them with other players, or to keep it inside your Inventory. You can view your Blueprints in the new Blueprints tab in your Inventory.

Introducing the new Item Shop

The new RL update will also introduce a new way of purchasing items in-game. The Item Shop will feature different products that you can buy, and it refreshes every 24 to 48 hours. With it, you'll see the exact item you can purchase, whether it's a Painted car or a Black Market Goal Explosion.

Much like in Blueprints, you can also purchase items in the Item Shop using credits. Rocket League promises that the new marketplace will house some never-before-seen items, so keep on checking for new ones!


Coming December 4, Rocket League will drop some of the best updates that the game has ever introduced. Not only that, they will launch the Rocket Pass 5; they will also replace Crates with Blueprints, which is an exciting way of getting new items. By using credits, you will also be able to buy fresh and unique items from the new Items Shop.

Psyonix says that these are only a few of the things they are preparing for their users, and you can expect more awesome updates in the next coming weeks!