To be successful in anything, you need to right tools at your disposal. In Rocket League, the cars are your tools. Read on the bodies used by Rocket League pro players, differences in their in-game model and reasons why some are more popular than others.

While most of the cars in game appear similar and you may think the only difference are the visuals, don't be fooled. There are a few properties that can decide on your success using one of them - mainly the in-game hitbox and turn radius. Sometimes even a subtle difference in car body specification can greatly affect your performance as a Rocket League player.

Currently, there are around 40 different bodies available in Rocket League. Some of them you can use right away, some are unlocked with levels, while the last group can only be obtained from crates.

On this list we will dive into three of the most popular choices among pro players, along with the reason

3rd place: Dominus

The Dominus line, Dominus, Hotshot, and the crate version Dominus GT, is common choice among players. It is characterized by a low profile and long body - these properties make it easier to hit the flying ball compared to smaller models.

Dominus will shine when training high power aerials, trying to smash the ball exactly when you need to. Thanks to it's tight turn radius, it's more forgiving for new players, making it easier to fix your position on time.

The classic Dominus is available as DLC, while Hotshot can be obtained for free. The Dominus GT variant can be obtained from crates or trade, for example from the automated trading bot RL Exchange.

2nd place: Batmobile

The plan line, the Batmobile is part of, is focused on body width as opposed to Dominus's length. Wider body, while not providing additional power to the kick, makes it easier to hit the ball both on the ground as mid-flight.

Wider body may also come in handy dribbling, but the low profile may put you on disadvantage in head-on collision – be wary of other players trying to bounce the ball above your head... Eghm, roof.

The family includes Batmobile, Mantis, Paladin, Twin Mill and Centio V17. All of them are available either by DLC or from crates and trade.

Best Car: Octane

In the world of Rocket League, Octane is the king - around 50% of pro players are using it in tournaments. Among the top players, there is an unofficial consensus that the Octane type is the best all-around model out there.

Many players describe them as superior on all fronts: aerials, dribbles, power shots. Because of its elusive “feel,” driving the car is very smooth, natural, and realistic.

Mechanically, Octane has moderate size hitbox, but the offset from the ground makes it very easy to hit the ball. As many describe it, it provides the level of consistency required for high-level plays.

The stock Octane car is available for free to every Rocket League player – in fact it's the first car you ever get to drive. The game developers surely had a reason to chose it as the game mascot.

Final Thoughts

The car you use can have significant effect on your results. Make sure to test them all thoroughly and check which one fits your playstyle the best. When searching for new cars, be sure to check automated trading platforms such as Rocket League Exchange for the best and most rare models.