Whether you are a beginner in Rocket League or a pro, there really is nothing more exciting than opening a crate. It’s where all the amazing items come from, Black Market Decals, rare wheels or awesome new bodies.

There's one problem though, as with every good thing, opening crates comes with a price, quite literally, it costs a lot of money! In this post, we will discuss the different ways you can get Rocket League keys, comparing them in important aspects such as key price, ease of use and security - no one wants to get scammed after all.

Method #1: Buy from the in-game store

Definitely the easiest and most convenient way to get keys is to buy them from the Rocket League in-game store directly. Buying from the game itself is hands down, the quickest and safest way there is, no questions asked. You can count on this method to be 100% reliable, safe and easy – at a price!

While buying keys from in-game store is surely convenient, it's also the most expensive way to get them. One key can cost upmost of 1.30 Euro, that's a lot! You have to top-up your Steam account before purchasing too, which means it's almost certain there will be leftover balance left in your Steam Wallet that you are not going to use anytime soon.

There are cheaper methods for getting keys, read on to learn them all!

Method #2: Level the Rocket Pass

Every season there's a new Season Pass in the game, that will reward you with a free Decryptor - a special type of a key - every few tiers. You can upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium, which on top of an unique item each tier, will reward you with Rocket League Key every few levels. These keys can be used to open any crate and are no different from the ones obtained from in-game store.

As for Decryptors, the cases opened with them will drop you non-tradable items, but never trade with other players - unfortunately, even best look can became stale and boring, not being able to trade them for new shiny ones is a major disadvantage. The amount of keys available in Rocket Pass is limited too, don't expect to get more than a few.

If you decide to tier up Rocket Pass Premium, be sure to play on Double XP Weekends - it'll make the grind much faster.

Method #3: Buy keys from other players

Buying keys from other players is controversial topic - it seems to be the cheapest way to get Rocket League keys, but don't be fooled with cheap price; One bad move and you may lose the money!

The process is rather tricky. You need to find a reputable seller, who plays on the same platform as you do; send the money, often without any guarantee of getting the keys; and finally setup a party, invite the seller to trade and hope they transfer the keys you bought.

It's the most stressful and risky method, but when executed correctly, it allows you to buy the keys the cheapest. For Saturday players though, there's a better alternative...

Method #4: Buy keys from reputable trading site

There's a few trading sites out there, that are willing to sell you the keys at reasonable low prices, often at half of the in-game price, and provide the security you need.

Such sites, for a small markup, take the risk of getting scammed by other players away from you. All you have to do is select the amount of keys and the payment method, smoothly and elegantly. Good site will deliver your order automatically via Rocket League trade bot – this way you don't have for the employee to send you the items.

When considering a website, be sure to check whether they operate a legitimate business, have good record and use automated delivery systems to save on time. One of such sites is Rocket League Exchange, an automated Rocket League trading bot, which not only allows you to buy items for cheap, but also swap unwanted items for new, shiny ones.

Method #5: Swap Rocket League items from inventory

If you have a good in-game item in your inventory, you can trade them with another user, or trading site, for keys. This is the only way you can get keys without spending actual money.

  1. Trade in-game. You can trade your valuable items for keys with another user through the built-in trading inside the Rocket League game. Search for people willing to trade items on the Internet, create a party and trade. Once you find a trade partner, setup a party and exchange the items. Remember to thoroughly check item's prices, to make sure the deal is fair for both sides.
  2. Use a Rocket League Trading Bot. If you don't want to wait, or simply don't have the time to research prices, you can opt-in to use a Rocket League trading website - a fair bot will show all their inventory and prices upfront and never abuse your lack of Rocket League market knowledge. You won't have to wait for another human to respond, as it's all automated. When deciding on a trading site, be sure to use reputable one, such as RL Exchange.


There are many ways to get keys to open your most awaited Rocket League crates. Some of them cost money, some of them are free. What is important is that you are careful when trading and only trust players, stores and platforms that have a good reputation for Rocket League trading and key sales to avoid falling a victim to scammers who only wait for a new pray.