Whether you are a new trader or a veteran, shady actors are always willing to scam you taking your inventory away. In-game trading is quite straight-forward, you put the items in the trade window, check what the other party offered and proceed with the transaction. There are a few ways in which your trade partner may make the trade unfair, or simply scam you.

Learn on how to avoid getting scammed in Rocket League item trading by reading about these 3 common scam methods.

Method 1: Using similar item to the one offered

One of the most common methods scammers use is to simply use very similar item to the one offered in trade listing.

Different Octane versions

Watch out for items in different colors, certificates or special edition. Be sure to check thoroughly what items are exactly offered. The scammer may also try to replace the item right before accepting your trade, so use the 5-second confirmation window to double check.

Method 2: Promising payment outside of the trade

Some scammers may promise you a payment outside of the Rocket League trading system, eg. with Steam Wallet, PayPal or other method. The bad actor will often offer overpay to lure you into the deal.

Scam attempt

If you absolutely want to try such trade, make sure you get the money first – do not accept any confirmations.

Method 3: Over / Under pricing items

Rocket League item prices aren't set by any entity, hence not all players are aware how much their items are worth. The scammer may offer you much less for the item that it's actually worth; or request you to pay much more for it than it's actually worth.


Always pay attention to who you trade with, check their background and consult the offer with trusted sources.

If you'd prefer to avoid any risk, consider using automated Rocket League trading bot, such as Rocket League Exchange, which provides transparent pricing, and will never attempt to scam you – it's not a human after all :)